How to Fix Netflix Error 1012 on iPhone & iPad

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What do you do to spare your time? Do you like watching move? Where do you usually watch movie? Are you one of the users of Netflix? If the answer to the question is yes, how is Netflix so far? Have you gotten some errors such as error 1012?

Error 1012 is the condition where the Internet is terrible and Netflix cannot get the connection. In fact, this error can also happen when there is a problem with the account information on the device or the issue with the app of Netflix itself. Then, how to fix this error on iPhone and iPad?

There are several ways to fix this kind of error. Each of them is different. So, it is better for you to know the possible cause of this error first to select which method suits the best. The first one is related to the connection of the Internet. The question is how do you fix the Internet connectivity? First, you have to be on Wi-Fi. When you use iPhone or iPad while getting this error, then please connect the Wi-Fi and retry. Remember to not use Netflix when you are not connected to the Wi-Fi because it takes a lot of data. Second, try a new Wi-Fi. If the firs one does not help, please try a different Wi-Fi. In this case, you can use another Wi-Fi when the first one is failed. Moving the iPhone or iPad nearer to the source of the Wi-Fi connection can also be a help. Another one is using a Wi-Fi of your friend or your neighbor. Third, try resetting the router. Apparently, resetting does all sorts of magic of the Internet and in many cases, the connection will get better after resetting. Fourth, try a different device. Please try a computer or another iOS/Android device.


The second method is resetting Netflix. So, how to do this method? First, hit the Settings. Second, head on down and discover the listing for Netflix. You just have to tap it with the finger. Third, find Reset and press the button. Fourth, hit the physical Home button which located on the bottom of the iPhone or iPad. Fifth, please Home again twice until the lists all the apps is seen on the screen. Then, swipe to find the hidden Netflix. Sixth, swipe up for the app. seventh, press the button of Home which is on the bottom of the device twice so it will bring you to the Home screen. Eighth, try Netflix again. To do it, you have to sign in using the Netflix credentials. After that, you will able to stream a show or a movie on Netflix.

If the methods above do not work, then, how about unistalling and reinstalling the app as the alternative. In this case, the cause might be related to the cache or the outdated version of Netflix on the iOS devices. Do it well and hopefully the error 1012 can be fixed soon.

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