How to Fix .NET Framework Installation Error 0X800F081F

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Error code 0x800f081f is one f the specific error of Windows. It is because it has a specific issue named .Net Framework related issue which needs address before you can perform the action of the computer, especially when you are trying to install the app or the third party program. This error code can be appeared with the messages that says that Windows is unable to find some files or something similar.

When does this error code 0x800f081f happen? There are several conditions of this error, including after upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10 or from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2016, while installing the third party apps or programs that make Framework 3.5 to run, when Framework 3.5 is installed but Windows features is turned off, when installing Framework 3.5 and its related to security updates KB2966826, KB29668828, and KB29668827 are installed, and so on.

Then, what to do when you are facing this .Net Framework Installation error 0x800f081f? There are several ways for you that can fix this error. All of them are good with minimal effort. Please consider the reason of why you encounter this error before selecting the methods. Some methods are manual, while the rest need the Internet connection.

The first method to fix this issues named housekeeping. The simple housekeeping of the computer can solve this error easily. The first thing you have to do is to make sure that  the Framework 3.5 is already installed that has the correlation to the files that might be corrupt. Another thing you have to make sure is the security related updates are installed and you are trying to install .Net 3.5. you have to make the updates uninstalled before you are able to install the framework and before you re-install the updates again.


The second one is activating the .Net Framework 3.5. you can do this method when you have the framework but it is not enabled. To do this, first, connect to the Internet. Then, click on start and search. Next, type in “Windows Features” before pressing the enter button. After that, turn Windows Features either on or off in the resultant dialogue box. Lastly, please disconnect the Internet connection and restart the computer in order to see the appearance of the error. This method also can be done by opening the control Panel first. Then, click Program and Features. Next, click on “Turn Windows on or off”. After that, please select “.Net Framework 3.5”, then check the box before pressing the OK button. The last step is you have to restart the computer so that you can see the occurrence of the error.

Please follow the instruction well. If you needed, you can do it slowly. If both methods recommended above do not suit you, you might try another alternative which is installing .Net Framework 3.5 manually. In case all of them fail, please ask a help from an expert or a professional in this field.

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