How to Fix Mail Sync Error 8500201D on Windows 10

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Error code 8500201D is one of the errors that every user of Windows has complained. This one is known as syncing error that affects the Mail and Calendar apps. Both of thema re closely connected. The problem itself is not only related to the apps of Mail and Calendar but also to the other apps as well. On the other word, it can affect the other apps.

It is sure that both apps of Mail and Calendar are such the important things because they keep you up to date. Aside from helping you to stay in touch with the others, the calendar also can help you to manage the schedule. When both of them fail to synchronize, it will be hard to manage everything.

The synchronization errors such as error 8500201D can appear because of some reasons such as the misconfigured email account, the corruption related to mail, contacts, and calendar, the use of the wrong password, and so on.
Do not be panic when you are encountering this error 8500201D because in this article you will be given some methods to get rid of this error. The first one is checking for updates. This one is the simplest one. Please make sure that you have the latest updates, especially for Mail and Calendar apps and the automatic feature is enabled. Another important thing is to run an update for both the OS and apps.

The second one is changing Privacy Settings. The newest version of Windows OS (Windows 10) gathers a lot of data and information. There are also many option related to the privacy settings. Selecting the privacy settings which blocks Microsoft from accessing the app of Calendar means that the Mail app will not work well because of the close connection. Apparently, changing the privacy settings can fix the error. To change it, you have to go to Start in order to access the app of Settings. Then, navigate to “Privacy section”. There, select “Email” and turn on “Let apps access and send email”. The next thing you have to do is to go to “Choose apps that can access and send email” and turn on “Mail and Calendar”. Afterward, click on “Calendar” and turn on “Let apps access my calendar”. Please make sure that the app connector is turned on. Lastly, restart the computer or device before running Mail app to see whether the Outlook error code 8500201D is fixed or not.

The third one is using the secure connection. To do this solution, you have to open the app of the Mail. Then, click the icon of the settings which is located at the bottom on the left. Next, select the account before going to “Change mailbox settings”. After that, check “Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection and Email” which is right under the sync option. Lastly, please restart the computer to see the existence of this error. If those cannot work, you can try the other alternatives such as changing the account sync settings, uninstalling the app of the mail, and restoring the system.

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