How to Fix HTTP Error 304: Not Modified

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Do you know what the HTTP error code 304 does not change and how to get rid of and get back on the kind of problems these errors get? If you are mentally frustrated with a problem of these errors on the device, then check out this article because there are certainly some tips and tricks to easily fix and some practical methods to repair and fix these error codes. This error occurs when the device booted unexpectedly from the server. These errors can make your PC system crashes, the possibility of virus infection and sometimes freezes well. It will not specify the error code 304, but shows that the means for the requested URL does not change. Sometimes it takes some time for the server to register.

There are several problems that frequently occur, conditional GET or HEAD request, and 200 OK response has been received, not to the fact that if any of these conditions.

In other words, there is no need to transfer the server representation of the destination resource to the request, indicating that the client makes a request conditional of its own legal representation; Therefore, the server instructed the client to use the stored representation as if it were a 200 OK response payload.

The server generates a 304 response to produce one of the following header fields that are sent in a 200-OK response to the same request: cache control, content location, date, ETag, expiration date, and vary.

304 as the target response to minimize the transfer of information when the recipient already has one or more images in the cache, the sender representation must produce (in addition to the above metadata, except metadata of this manual) to produce the cache updates Modified for the purpose of loads can be useful if the answer is no ETAG field).

The conditions of the cache, the 304 responses received, are defined in Section 4.3.4 of RFC7234. When the conditional request from the client as the user agent in a conditional GET proxy sends along with its own cache, the proxy must forward the 304 response to the client.

304 replies, the body’s message can not contain; It always ends with the first blank after the header column.


Rel HTTP status icon: not_modified

Constant open HTTP status http.StatusNotModified

Symfony Constant Response HTTP :: Status HTTP_NOT_MODIFIED

HTTP Status Constant python2 httplib.NOT_MODIFIED

Constant Python3 + HTTP status http.client.NOT_MODIFIED

Constant Python3.5 + HTTP status http.HTTPStatus.NOT_MODIFIED

Solution: Reload or update the web page from your PC

  • Reload or update your website
  • Open your browser
  • Click the View area above
  • Open the reload button Page
  • reload; It will refresh your page
  • That is it, Done

Reload and update your web page to fix the error ESO 304 unmodified cache problem.

Solution: Change the DNS servers from a Windows PC

  • Go to System Control
  • Click the Network and Internet option
  • Then Network & Sharing Center
  • Now the adapter settings change
  • Select the connection that you want to change
  • Select the Networking button there
  • Click Advanced and select Change DNS
  • Now change the DNS server
  • That is it, Done

If the entire web page you enter your access ESO HTTP error code 304, and if the Internet pages to others on different servers, then you change your DNS server.┬áThank you for reading this article until the last paragraph, if this article useful you can share to social media Google+, Facebook and others. thanks. – John Sadino –

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