How to Fix Google Play Services Error Message

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Have you ever in the situation where you finally find the app you have been looking for a long time and try to download it but get the error code message from Google Play Store? You must be so upset if it ever happened.  This problem occurs more often when you are trying to modify a default setting inside the Android OS.

What is the main culprit of this issue? In fact, the exact cause of it is not clear. There are a lot of reasons behind the error so there are also a lot of methods to fix the problem. The methods that will be given to you are the general ones.

The first method to fix Google Play Services error message is emptying the cache. To do this one, please go to Settings and then tap on Applications. Afterward, look for Application Manager and tap the “All” tab. Next, find Google Play Services and tap it once to get the full detailed information about this app. After that, find Clear Cache on the option for this app. please be sure to restart the device of Android in order to get rid the Google Play Services error message completely.

The second one is resetting the app preference. To reset the the app preference, you have to go to Settings. Then, tap on Applications. The next thing you have to do is to look for Application Manager and tab the “All” tab. Afterward, please search for “More” which is at the upper right corner of the screen and then tap it. there will be the menu appears with one of the options written “Reset Application Preference”. Please tap it and it is the end. You just have to simply restart the phone to fix this error by confirming the effect of the changes you have made.


The third one is adding Google account once again. If this error keeps appearing, please go to the settings and look for “Accounts”. In order to see the list of accounts made on the device, you have to tap it. Just type your preferred account of Google. There will be a page that consists of a lot of information about the Google account synchronizes with the Android device. Then, three dots symbol will appear on the upper right corner of the device. Please tap the symbol and you will see “Remove Account” option. You just have to tap it so that the account of the Google can be erased. Once it is finished, do not forget to add the account once again to the Android device. First, tap “Account” which is under Settings. Second, locate “Add Account” option and choose “Google Acoount”. Third, there will be a wizard appears requesting for the Google account credentials. Last, follow the subsequent steps in order to complete the registration. It is no double that this one can go a long in fixing any error of Google Play Service. So, which method you are going to use?

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