How to Fix Garbage Disposal Humming

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Do you have washing machine? How it is? Does it really help you? A washing machine in your home is sure can make your activity in washing clothes easier. But, what happen if there is something weird about it? Despite of its benefit, there are also some damages on it. One of the most common ones is the issue of garbage disposal. The issue is when the switch is flipped and the disposal starts to make a humming sound. For some cases, it is about garbage disposal humming but not jammed.

Have you ever stuck in this situation? If you ever experience garbage disposal not working no noise, please stay calm. Apparently, it is an easy one to fix. Anyone can fix the problem including you even if you do not have the skill. As the addition, you do not have to purchase any tools in order to get the disposal back to the working mode. A lot of disposal have Allen wrench which should be the only one tool you might need to fix this disposal.

Before getting to know more the ways to fix this disposal humming, it is better for you to know the various reasons that could be causing this. You have to keep in mind that when the disposal is humming, it means that it is getting the power but not functioning well. In this case, it is due to the jam.

Most of the cases, this disposal humming issue happens because there is a foreign object stuck in the disposal.When the item jammed in the blades of the disposal, they will not able to rotate. This thing can cause the humming noise. If this is the case, please unplug the disposal under the sink. After that, survey the drain hole. If you find that there is an object stuck in it, please remove it. Once it is done, you can plug the disposal back in and then flip the switch.


In case you get the issue like garbage disposal humming but flywheel not stuck, obtain the Allen wrench which on the disposal. Apparently, there is the breaker socket. This thing is located on the bottom of the most brands of disposal. Please put the Allen wrench in the breaker socket and then turn it back and forth. With this process, you might be able to unlock the source of the problem. Make sure that the disposal is not turned on when the process is on.

Another simple alternative to fix this issue is by pushing the reset button. This reset button is located on the disposal, on the bottom of the device for exact. If there is “tripped” on the button, please push it and then it could solve the issue immediately.

If no one of the methods of fixing the humming of the garbage disposal mentioned above work, there is the chance that the disposal is totally damaged. On the other word, you do not have the other options but to replace the disposal.

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