How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000034 in Windows

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Are you a user of Windows? There are a lot of errors related to Windows operating system. Some of them occur long after starting the computer, while the others occur just when the computer starts. The ones that occur just when the computer starts to boot can be very annoying. It is because you might do not expect the computer to have any issues after using and shutting it down. One of them is error code 0x0000034.

Have you faced error code 0xc0000034 in Windows? What is error code 0xc0000034? Error code 0xc0000034 which also known as “The Boot Configuration Data file is missing (BSOD)” is when you start your computer, making it possible for operating system to boot and the screen just turns blue. Because of this, it also can be referred to as Blue screen of death errors. The appearance of this error indicates the damaged of BCD file. Even if the other BCD related errors also have the relation to the blue screen at startup, this error is different because it relates only to the one specific file of BCD. There are a lot of factors that can damage the file including the infection of the virus or malware, the power outages, and incorrect shut down of the computer among other factors.

Then, how to fix this error code 0xc0000034 in Windows? Apparently, there is only one practical solution to solve this error, because the error only occurs at startup. The solution itself needs the use of Windows OS DVD or USB installation disk. You have to make the separate computer that connected to the Internet if do do not have the original installation disk nearby.

Making a USB installation disk is easier because it eliminates the need to burn the file of ISO to a DVD. As the note, you have to own the clean USB drive with enough space. First, insert the USB in the other clean and secure computer. Second, access the website of Microsoft to download Media Creation Tool. Third, run the tool once the download is full. Fourth, select to pick “Create installation media for another computer”. Fifth, select to “Create a bootable USB” instead of the file of ISO. Sixth, wait for the tool to download the important files and for it to make the bootable USB you need. Seventh, remove the USB safely from the computer and then return to the computer withe the booting issue.


As for the solution to fix the error 0xc0000034, first, insert the installation USB in the computer. Then, start the computer and instruct it to boot from the installation disk instead of the hard drive by pressing “F8” key constantly or a different key. It depends on the computer or installed OS. Please click Next on the startup menu. Next, click “Repair your computer” on the resultant screen. Afterward, click Troubleshoot. Then, click Advanced options. The next one is to select Command Prompt. There, please type “bootrec/fixboot” before hitting Enter. After that, type “bootrec/scanos” and hit enter. Lastly, please type “bootrec/rebuld” and then Enter. You only have to restart the computer after all of them. Hope it will be fixed soon.

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