How to Fix Error Code 0x80070643 in Windows

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Error 0x80070643 is known as one of the many errors you might face while using Windows OS. This one is considered as a general error that can occur on the screen of your PC during the automatic update of Windows Update, during the installation of Security Essentials, or installation of a program of Windows.

There are a lot of reasons that cause this error code 0x80070643. Some of them are the failure to install the latest Windows Updates that can make the installation of the most recent updates impossible, the damaged or corrupt system files, the infection of virus or malware, the corrupt or disabled Microsoft Source Engine (Ose.exe), the errors in computer system registry, the corrupt .Net Framework, the installed third party antivirus or malware program, and so on.

Apparently, this error code 0x80070643 does not prevent the user from using the computer. However, the fact that the computer cannot be installed an update already gives the concern. In this case, it is better for you as a user to fix this error as soon as possible. Then, how to fix error code 0x80070643?

There are several solutions that can fix the error code 0x80070643. Each of them works depending on a certain cause. So, discovering the possible cause of this error will make the way to fix this error easier. Here are some solutions to fix this kind of errors that you can try.

The first one is fixing the virus or malware infection. To fix this error 0x80070643 using this method, you have to run a full scan of the installed program of antivirus or malware. You might do not believe that this error is simply caused by an antivirus or malware in the computer system. Please attempt to install an update in case the error appeared when installing the same. This issue regarding error code 0x80070643 should be solved if the error does not appear again.

The second one is uninstalling antivirus or malware program. There is a possibility that this error code 0x80070643 occurs just because of the installed program of antivirus or malware. This kind of error is easily able to arise if you own two different third party antivirus or malware programs installed on your computer. In this case, please consider to disable the only antivirus or malware program installed on your computer in order to see whether doing this one allows the smooth installation of updates. To uninstall the program, first, you have to navigate the Control Panel. Then, click on Programs and Features. Next, right click on the antivirus or malware program and then select Uninstall. After that, allow the process of un-installation in order to complete before installing the update again.


If those methods explained above cannot help you to get rid this error code 0x80070643, you can try the other solutions such as repairing the damaged system files, restarting Office Source Engine (OSE) Service, updating Windows Defender, and updating or repairing .Net Framework. One of them should work for your computer. Good luck!

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