How to Fix Error Code 0x80070002

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One of the common errors computer is error code 0x80070002. The error can happen when you are working with the Windows PC and trying to install the system updates. Actually, this kind of error might occur in a lot of different situations like the system and the apps. Usually, the error appears with some error messages. For those who are not the expert must be not familiar with those things and can get confused.

How can this error code 0x80070002 occur? There is no exact reason behind the error but there are some possible causes. The error of Windows Update is usually caused by the incorrect date and time. The error might also related to the file corruption or the registry problem. Aside form those, the other possible causes include the Windows XP default security provider has been changed, the system fails to update the particular important files, the driver letter of the system partition has been modified, the computer does not transmit all files during updating software, and so on.

Then, is there any way out? How to get rid of this kind of error? There are several methods that can you try to solve this error. The first method is checking the data and the time settings. It might seem so weird but it does work in many cases. When the time or the date is incorrect. There will be the bad effect on Windows Update Service. First, click Date and Time on the lower right corner of the screen and click on “Change date and time settings”. When you see the window of “Date and Time”, please click the “Change data and time” button. After the data and the data edited, please click OK to save the changes. The next thing you have to do is to restart the computer and try to install the system updates.

The second method is making primary partition as active. The non activated operating system installed on the partition can be the reason of this error. If you are in this kind of situation, there are two ways that can you pick. Those are to repartition hard drive and reinstall Windows and setting the system partition active. The first one is not recommended because repartitioning hard drive can remove everything. If you select the second one, you can do it manually in the Disk management. You also be able to use Partition Guru which is the strong partition manager. This one is easy to manage partitions and disks and it can also recover the lost data.


The third solution is using Windows Update troubleshooter. This is just another way to fix the issue using Microsoft Fit It Tool. You can get the tool by downloading it online. The plus point of it is that it can diagnose and fix the common problems related to Windows Update automatically.

If those methods above are not working, you can try removing Windows Update files. If this one also does not help at all, please get a help soon.

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