How to Fix Error Code 0x0000007e in Windows

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When you are using Windows, sometimes, there are some errors occur. One of the errors is error code 0x0000007e. Do you know this error? Have you ever heard about this error? Error code 0x0000007e is known as a Windows Stop error message. This error is displayed on the blue screen. It might occur when you are browsing on the Internet, listening to the music on some app of media player, or while working on an important document on Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. This kind of message attacks terror as the screen becomes blue without any single warning.

How does this error code 0x0000007e happen in Windows? What cause of this error? There are some possible causes of this error. Those are include the faulty hard drive, when the hard drive is full and there is no storage space, or when you have to update the Basis Input Output system or BIOS.

In case you are facing this error code 0x0000007e in Windows on your PC, you do not have to panic. This kind of error is counted as the easy one to fix, so you do not have to call the experts or professionals to get rid of this error. On the other word, this error can be fixed by yourself even if you do not have a strong technical knowledge about computers. Here are several ways to repair this error code 0x0000007e on the PC in the shortest time. You can make some note if you need to. As addition, please discover the cause of this error first because the solutions are related to the causes.

If the cause of the error is faulty hard drive, it is best if you create the back up of all your data and get the new hard drive. However, you better use a tool of Windows called Chkdsk or Check Disk in order to identify and determine if the hard drive is the culprit or not. to do this solution, you have to click on the start menu and then type CMD in the box of the search. Then, click on it to run. There will be a black box displayed on the screen. All you have to do is simply type the command Chkdsk and run it to find out the hard drive is the culprit and damaged. If it is, then, you have no choice but get the new hard drive.

This error code 0x0000007e also might appear when the hard drive is full. If it is the cause on your computer, please check the store space on the hard drive by going to My Computer. In case the space is full, please delete some files or uninstall heavy and recently installed programs to free up some space.


Another possibility is that the BIOS are not updated. There is no other way to fix thing except to update the BIOS itself. in order to do that, you have to restart the computer and press F2 to enter setup. Then, go to SATA Operation and then change RAID AHCI to RAID ATA. Afterward, please save changes and then press the exit button. By doing that thing, you are able to update the BIOS and fix this error code 0x0000007e immediately.

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