How to Fix Error 905 in Google Play Store

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Are you an Android user? If yes, then you must be familiar with Google Play Store. It is one of the things that makes the devices of Android so excellent. It is a part of the success of Android mobile device. For a lot of Android users, Google Play Store is such an easy one to access and to use. Unfortunately, there are the times when the error occur. One of the most frustrated errors is error 905.

What causes the error 905 on the Google Play Store? In general, this kind of error only appears when you are trying to download anything with a big size such as games. You can also get the error when trying to download the apps. Then, how to get rid of error 905 in Google Play Store?

The first solution is uninstalling the updates for Google Play Store. To do this solution, you have to grab the Android device first. It is where you have gotten the error. Second, go straight to the settings of Android. Third, select “application” form all the different options available. Then, wait until it launches fully. Fourth, you will be presented with a lot of different options when this one has fully opened. Scroll down until you find Application Manager. When you find one, please click or tap on it. Fifth, select Google Play Store that will present you with some new options. Sixth, select the option of uninstall updates. This one will delete all the latest updates that you have been downloading and installing recently. Seventh, leave the settings option and go to the apps. Eighth, find Google Play Store and launch it by clicking or tapping on it. Ninth, you have to download all the updates that you just uninstalled. The process of it is different, depending on the size of the updates in question and the Internet speed you have. Lastly, you are able to go ahead and try to download and install the app or the game once the updates have been fully installed again.


The second solution is deleting the cache and data. This one is a bit simpler than the previous one. when in the first one you have to go to the general Android settings, this time, you need to use the Application Manager, the one that manages all the different apps you have downloaded and installed on the Android mobile device. To do this method, first, grab the Android device and go straight to Android settings. Then, select “applications” from the options available and then wait until it fully launches. There will be many different options after it has fully opened. Just scroll down the mouse and find Application Manager. Please click or tap on it. next, launch the Google Play Store. There, you have to clear the cache and the data. After that, lease launch Google Play services and clea the cache and the data there too. Good luck on fixing this error 905!

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