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As you know, Mac computer is really great and it has a good reputation. Still, there are times when the errors can appear. One of the most frequent errors is named error 43. Before talking about the solution to fix this kind of error, it is better for you to get to know about this error furthermore. What causes this error 43 on Mac?

Error 43 on Mac happens most often in El Capitan and OS X 10.2. Have you ever gotten this error? If the answer is yes, then you probably know that is often displayed when you try to move files into the trash can. It also can happen when you are trying to move files to a different directory. The full error message is written “The operation cannot be completed because one or more required items cannot be found (error code 43)”. Aside from that, the error could be caused by the fact of the user chosen one or more illegal characters in the file name.

Then, how to fix error 43 on Mac? If you have gone through the causes above and the error still persists, you have to reset the Parameter Random Access Memory or PRAM on Mac. To do this, first, make sure that you shut down Mac. Once is shut down, please take your time to locate the command key, the option key (alt), P, and R keys. These keys will be needed for the next steps. Next, you need to return the Mac back on. When the Mac is fully turned on again, you have to press those keys and hold them down quickly. It should be done before the gray screen displays. If this one does not work in one try, please just shut down the Mac and try again. After that, hold down the command, option, P, R keys for a while. There is no limit time. You need to do this until you hear the sound which means the Mac staring up three times. When you heard the sound for three times, please release those keys simultaneously.


You will be able to reset PRAM with the following steps below. As the note, it might not be the reason of the causing problem. This one is for you who are trying to delete a locked file. How to do it? The first thing you have to do is starting the Mac. Then, go to the folder of the apps. Please go to utilities afterward. In the folder of utilities, locate the terminal and then launch it. Next, type the command “chflags -R nouchg and be sure that you put a space after. After that, double click on the trashcan icon. In this stage, the contents of the trashcan will be displayed. Click on the command A key after that. Then, please drag the locked files you are trying to delete from the trashcan to the terminal window. Please click on the return key when you done. At the end, the trashcan will be empty. How is it? All of the processes are easy to follow, right?

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