How to Fix Error 0xc1900200: Couldn’t Install on Windows 10

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Your system is in incompatible with the new operating system if the error code 0xc1900200 appears when you are trying to upgrade to Windows 10. This error can also occur when you are attempting to upgrade the OS to build version 14393 from 10586. Another possible cause of this error is related to Windows Firewall. Apparently, this error indicates that you could not install Windows 10 and some other information related to the issue with this error shown on the screen.

Then, how to fix error 0x1900200 on Windows 10? There are some methods for you to try to solve the issue. Please try the first one and try another one if it does not help. The first method is disabling the antivirus software. Any third party antivirus software installed on the system should be disabled. It is because it can block the Microsoft Windows Installer program from running. In fact, it will be marked as spam. You are able to refer to the help menu in antivirus software on how to make it disable. Then, please try to upgrade to Windows 10. This time, you should not see the same error 0x1900200 if antivirus software was the main cause. When the upgrade is completed, you are able to enable the antivirus program.

The second method is disabling the firewall to fix this error. In this method, in order to access the firewall, you have to press Windows key + R to open the run window. Then, type “firewall.cpl” and then click on OK. Next, click on “Turn windows firewall on or off”. Please go to the private network setting and select “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)”. After that, make the same changes with the public network setting. Then, accept the changes and try to update the Windows. When the process of update is completed, you are able to turn the Windows Firewall back on.

The third one is checking the system requirements. Please check if the computer or laptop meets the requirements for installing Windows or not. Sometimes, this error 0x1900200 has a thing about the minimum requirement for Windows 10 OS. There is a simplest way to check it. it is by downloading and installing the app of the Get Windows 10. When it is installed, please run it and click on the options menu located on the upper left corner. Then, pick “check your PC” which is under the “getting the upgrade” option. There will be a new window opened that provides the summary of the compatibility of the PC with Windows 10.


The fourth one is creating the additional space. If there is no sufficient space to allow for the update, then, creating the additional space is the answer. You can do it by pressing the Windows key + Q to open the the search menu. Then type ‘[disk cleanup” and press enter. Next, click on “disk cleanup”. There will be a new window opened. Please choose the local disk with the current operating system and then pick “clean”.

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