How to Fix Error 0XC000021A : Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) in Windows 7/8/8.1 &10

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Blue Screen error 0xc000021a is counted as one of the errors of Windows that cause the dreaded blue screen (BsoD). There is no special version of Windows that can get this error. Everyone can encounter it whichever version of Windows they use. this error can also appear when you are installing the program or after you are adding the hardware component. When this error happens, there will be a message shown “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart”.

In fact, the operating system of the computer is like the foundation of all programs, apps, and applications. It consists of the important support for every single thing you run. When the system process fails to initialize correctly, fails to begins, or causes a conflict with the other programs or apps, the OS will automatically shuts down. For your information, the shut down is the important thing because it can prevent the damage to the OS or the entire system that can be fatal.

What is the reason behind this error 0xc000021a? Why does that blue screen shown? This kind of error can be caused because of some factors, including the damaged Csrss.exe or Winlog.exe files (both of them are the two critical operating system which inform the system operations), the premature unloading of Wbemprox.dll library, the incorrect configuration or corrupt device drivers, the insufficient space in the hard disk or partition, the damaged or corrupt Windows Registry, the installed software which is not compatible with OS.

After you find out the possible reasons behind this error 0xc000021a, it is the time for you to read the solutions in order to fix the error. Please try the first one as the starter and jump to another if the first one is failed to solve the error.

The first one is uninstalling the software or hardware. This one is the easiest methods. It is when you are just recently installed the software or hardware. In this case, it is better for you to uninstall the same that can fix the error because that software or hardware might be not compatible with the OS. To do this, you have to go to Control Panel and then uninstall it from there. If there are some hardware like more RAM or Graphic Card you have just added, please try and remove it. after that, you have to boot the PC and check the appearance of the error.


The second one is repairing the startup option. First, insert the installation device in the right port or drive. Then, select the preferred language, time, currency format, and input method. Click next to go to the next stage. After that, please click “Advanced Options > Automatic Repair before selecting OS. The computer will launch the repair automatically, so please take your time. The error should be disappeared after it is completed.

You can also try the other alternatives to fix this error such as using a configuration that worked previously, disabling Mis configured service, restoring the system, running DISM command, and so on.

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