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If you have problems with Chrome, this article is the right solution for you. If Chrome does not open domain, you give Chrome a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error. These errors do not talk about what the problem is. This can occur for a domain like YouTube. Even if you have never visited domain in the past without problems, Chrome will refuse to open it. A simple solution is to use a VPN, but if we are honest, it is not a solution. To correct an error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Chrome, you need to do a little cleaning. Here is how to fix the problem.

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED appear random. No one knows which domains will be rejected for publication. For me, it’s always YouTube.

  1. Renew IP and DHCP
    Open the prompt with Administrator rights and run the following command. This will update the configuration of your IP and DHCP. Perhaps cut off your Wi-Fi network for a moment, but there was nothing to worry about. Run the command and wait for Windows to reconnect to the network. Verify that Chrome domain is loaded.
  2. Set up your wireless router
    This is at least a technical solution to this problem, but has a low success rate. To put your WiFi router, press and hold the power button on the unit for 10 seconds. Release. WiFi is turned off. Wait 10 seconds to turn it back on. Check if Chrome will load the current domain. If this does not work, then it’s time to get the sleeves too.
  3. Flush DNS
    Open the prompt with administrator rights. Run the following command. It takes seconds to complete and the dew will tell you if your deleted your cache successfully. Start your system and try to open another domain. If it still does not work, try the next solution.
  4. Check If website down
    Before you start the download, make sure that the site has not experienced blackouts. The easiest way to check is to use an application down for all or just called me. Add the URL that Chrome will be open to and see what was going on. If the application report that all is good, it is time to start troubleshooting.
  5. A look at the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error
    Chrome can show this error for a variety of reasons. This article deals specifically with the time that certain domain domain denied, which you could open with no problems in the past. If you have installed the new extension, applying new VPN or proxy or anti-virus, they can be responsible for errors as well. Try to disable the above solutions. If you use one of these applications to fix problems, then the application will be the cause. This error, when viewed on Chrome, is not restricted to the browser. If you start to see this error in Chrome, you will find other PCs on the network can not find the domain open in question. You should also be able to open the domain in the browser with one exception; Safari on iOS. and I hope to help here solve the problem. Thank you for reading this article until the last paragraph, if this article useful you can share to social media Google+, Facebook and others. thanks. – John Sadino –

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