How to Fix Data Error: Cyclic Redundancy Check

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There are some problems facing PC users, Cyclic Redundancy Check, this is an error message that appears on the computer screen every time your PC reads corrupt data. CRC, basically detects errors on the file being read by your PC. This message usually occurs when your PC tries to read data from a corrupted storage device media, such as a hard drive, DVD or CD. When data is being transferred to the PC, Cyclic Redundancy Check ensures that data with errors do not reach the specified destination. This is the reason why a damaged CD can not be copied to your computer. Remember, data management is an important part of keeping your system in the long run.

Lots, maybe dirt on CD or DVD that causes CRC errors. Cleaning these storage media using a soft cloth often solves the problem. Combo CD paper or labels on the disk can also be a problem. This is because scratches or labels cause the disc burning process to be incorrect. Some can be burned but some can not be burned. To find information from disk damage, there is a useful software application in this case that is a recover tool. This is a tool that recovers lost data such as digital images from damaged CDs and DVDs.

Hardware problem

If CRC errors are still displayed even after running the disc cleaner, most likely the problem is with the hardware. You need to check the CD and DVD drives and clean them regularly by using a disc lens cleaner. Find out if this device is working properly. Replacing the CD / DVD space with the new one will solve the problem. Sometimes, connection from damaged DVD and CD drive may disrupt the function of the device.
Cyclic redundancy check errors can also appear for other reasons. Although failing to drive or damage CDs is a common cause behind this error, some unavoidable circumstances listed below can cause this problem.

  • Downloading Software is not complete
  • The system is broken
  • Buggy software (lots of bug apps)

In such cases, the system will display messages like ‘Invalid Windows file or improper win32 application’. But actually it is a CRC error.

Repair cyclic redundancy repair

Incomplete files downloaded from the Web or interrupted file transfers may also result in CRC errors. So, before you open the file, check if you downloaded it completely by checking the large files you’ve downloaded with a large file extension from the website. You can use download manager when downloading to fix cyclic redundancy check error. The download download app keeps tracks in the download process and notifies you when done. Or again, you can again try to download from scratch and check if it still happens.


If you copy files from your hard drive, you may have to run a disk scanning program error to troubleshoot problems related to the hard drive. The incorrect connection between the computer and the hard drive causes the appearance of CRC messages on the screen. To fix CRC errors related to network problems, you must verify all connections to resolve the issue. Remember, to fix CRC errors, you need to find the cause. This is the best approach to eliminate these error messages.┬áThank you for reading this article until the last paragraph, if this article useful you can share to social media Google+, Facebook and others. thanks. – John Sadino –

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