How to Fix Boot Error Code 0xc0000225: Windows Recovery Screen Solution

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Usually, Windows operating system has a clear and smooth booting path. However, the obstacles might appear that can affect the behave of OS. This thing can make the computer fails to boot. This issue is called error code 0xc0000225. When you get this error, the computer will show the dreaded blue screen of death (BSoD) with the following message indicating “Boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible”. Aside from that, you might also get the message indicating “An unexpected error has occurred, your PC needs to be repaired Error code: 0xc0000225”.

When does this error code 0xc0000225 usually appear? Mostly, it appears when you are upgrading the computer’s operating system. Actually, it might be fine when you upgrade it first. Unluckily, it only stays for several days.
There are several methods of fixing this error code 0x0000225 for you to try. The first one is running startup repair tool. This tool can be very effective in getting rid of the error. It is able to scan the system of the computer and try to repair the damaged files to correct the anomalies in the BCD. To do this method, first, you have to insert the Computer’s OS installation media in the right drive or port. Then, shut down the computer before make it restarting again. The next thing you have to do is to press any key before the appearance of the logo of Windows.

Then, select the preferred language and keyboard options before clicking on “Repair my Computer”. After that, let the tool to scan the computer before choosing the installation from the list the tool presents. The last step is to select “Startup Repair” from the recovery option. This tool will start to scan the computer system for any issues automatically. It will try to solve the same. It is better for you to restart the computer to see the existence of the error.

The second one is troubleshooting using Command Prompt. Actually, this solution is similar to the first one but there is a slight difference. First, insert the computer’s OS installation media in the right drive. Second, restart the computer and press any key before the logo of Windows shows up. Third, select the preferred language and other options. Fourth, click “Repair my computer” on the resultant screen. Fifth, select “Troubleshooter” option > “Advanced Options” > “Command Prompt”. Sixth, type “diskpart” and press the enter button to load the utility. Seventh, select the volume labeled ESP and hit the enter button. Eighth, assign any letter to the volume (Z) before hitting the enter button. Ninth, press “Exit” in order to go back to Command Prompt. Tenth, type “bcdC:\windows/s Z:/f UEFI” and then hit the enter button to open UEFI environment boot files.


Last, close the Command Prompt before restarting the computer. By those steps, this error should be resolved quickly. As the note, this method only applies if the computer’s hard disk is of UEFI. There are also some alternatives to fix this error such as rebuilding BCD manually, disabling early launch antimalware protection (ELAM), deleting the empty partition, replacing hard disk, and so on.

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