How to Fix an SSL Connection Error for Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is a great browser but still it is not perfect. Many users often complain about the errors on it. One of the errors is named SSL Connection Error. What is SSL? SSL is the shortness for Secure Socket Layer. Apparently, it is such a standard piece of the security technology used in many browsers, including Google Chrome. This thing can establish an encrypted link between you and the server. SSL is so important to the web browsers because of the security. It works by protecting the private information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and logic credentials.

Then, what does the SSL Connection Error mean? When you get this kind of error, it means that you are unable to make the secure connection with the server. How could this happen? There are some possibilities that can cause this error. The possible causes include the SSL certificate is untrusted, you are behind the firewall, the page contains both secure and insecure items, there is a culprit antivirus that scans the encrypted connections, and so on.

So, how to fix SSL Correction Error? The first solution to fix this error is changing the date and the time correctly. This one is the most common one. The reason behind it is because when you open some websites such as Gmail and Outlook, your location the date and the time of your system  will be tracked. So, correcting the date and the time can solve the problem. To do that, you have to click on the clock on the desktop. Then, select Open Date and Time Preferences. After that, please select the time zone you are in and be sure that the date and the time are corrected. To prevent the same error in the future, it is better for you to turn on the feature which sets the date and time automatically based on your location.


The second one is changing the settings of an antivirus. This one is only relevant for you who use antivirus software. As you know, antivirus is good on blocking the insecure websites but, sometimes,  there is a conflict between the encrypted data and the antivirus that can cause the software to block it. So, you have to change the settings of antivirus. To do this, you have to close everything else and the open the program of antivirus first. Next, click on Settings. Please go to the tab of Advanced Settings and click on Network. After that, uncheck the Scan encrypted settings. This one is under the Encrypted connections scan. Lastly, please click Apply and then hit the OK button.

Another alternative is changing the settings of the Internet on Google Chrome Browser. There are three ways as part of the solution. Those are included changing the URL to https, deleting HTTP: in URL (for images), and changing the SSL settings in browser. So, which solution you will try? Hope the error can be fixed soon!

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