How to Fix a Tinder Server Error 1001

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In this era, there are a lot of mobile dating apps that can help single people to met their best partners. One of them is Tinder. Have you heard about this app? Are you one of the users? Talking about dating app can make someone be excited but it will not when there are so much errors. In Tinder, there is a popular error known as Server Error 1001 that many users have complained. What is Server Error 1001 exactly?

Tinder Server Error 1001 can be described as the error that prevents you from loging in. This error appears when you are trying to sign in into the app. basically, it is telling you that there is a problem when signing in so you are unable to connect to the servers for some particular reasons.

When you get this kind of warning, please stay calm because in this page, you will be given some solutions in order to get rid of Server Error 1001. Before try all of them, be sure that you have a profile picture uploaded on Facebook. Apparently, many users of Tinder link their account to Facebook to make everything easier. In many cases, this is what will be causing the error, as you need a picture for your Tinder account. If the profile picture has been uploaded and this error is still there, please try the following solutions well.

The first solution is reinstalling the app. this one is the simplest thing you can do. To do this solution, you just have to delete the app from the phone and then download it again. After that, please sign in just as you did before. Do not worry because your account will not be deleted.


The second one is allowing Facebook to use Tinder. As you probably know, this error is related to the settings of your phone. You will be asked to authorize the usage when you log into Tinder and you add the account of Facebook. In this case, you need to press yes because if you not, there might be the error happens. In order to fix this problem, you have to go to Settings first. Then, go to Apps and find Facebook. Next, find Tinder which is located underneath Allow these Apps to Use Your Account. Please click off and then on again once you click on Tinder. After that, exit out of the settings and check if the Tinder works now.

The last solution is going to Tinder’s Facebook and getting the app from there. If the two methods mentioned above do not work, you can try this one. when you are in the Facebook account of Tinder, please click the Send to Mobile button. You will be given the link for the app and apparently, it is the simple way to fix the problem. How is it? Itsn’t it not hard to fix Server Error 1001? Hope you can solve the issue well and good luck!

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