How to Fix a Scratched Disc with Toothpaste

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Do you like watching movie, playing game or listening to music in your home?  What do you use to watch movie in your home, play game, or listening to music? With the technological development, every single thing is digital. There is no single one left. However, have you ever experienced the time watching movie, playing game, or listening to music using vinyl record, cassette, VCD (Video, Compact Disk), or DVD (Digital Video Disk)? Some people of the millennial generation probably have not experienced once. For those who born before it, it is sure that you have.

As stated before, everything is so into digital nowadays. But, still, there are a lot of people who are fond of the classic things. Even if such things like VCD or DVD do not used often, many people still have those things in their homes as the collection. They collect all of them because all of them have a lot of memories and remind them to something lovely. Are you one of them?

VCD or DVD can be considered as the sensitive thing? Why so? It is because both of them are made from such thing. The back of VCD or DVD is shiny with the silver color. That part is the most sensitive part. It is so fragile. The movie or the music in it can be lost, not clear (file cannot be read), and damage with just one scratch. As the owner, it is sure that you do not want this situation happen, right?

If this already happened, is there any way out? The answer to the question is yes. You can fix the scratched video game disk, movie disk, or music disk. There are many ways to fix that kind of thing. One of the most effective things that can you use is toothpaste. Toothpaste is the usual thing. It is easy to find one.

So, how to clean a scratched dvd using toothpaste? Be ready to prepare everything. If it is needed, you can make a note so you will not forget to do it. The first thing you should do is choose the toothpaste. The toothpaste you should find is the actual toothpaste. It means the white one, not the gel one. the white toothpaste contains abrasive material.

This material is able to scrape plaque off the teeth. In the correlation, it can sand down the scratched surface of the VCD or DVD. Then, apply a small amount of toothpaste to the tissue or a small cloth. Put the toothpaste on the surface of the disk and rub it gently. Remember to move radially. Keep rubbing it until the scratch is gone. As a note, please do not polish harder. This way will not make the process harder, it can cause the worst damage instead. After that, wash the disk using water. The last step is dry the disk using the cloth, the tissue, or the towel. Now, you can test the disk. Are you going to try one? Good luck, hope you are success!

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