How to Fix a CPU Fan Error When You Boot Up Computer

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These problems sometimes occur in some users, and I replaced the share of CPU and fan heurink with a fan Cooler Master Hyper / Fan. Initially, the system comes with a 3-pin CPU fan as marked in a slot on the main board is “SYS_FAN1”, but the new CPU fan that came with the larger heat sink has a 4-pin connector, the I- Plug. In the slot labeled “CPU_FAN”. From what I could say, slot SYS_FAN1 monitor fan speeds, so then I asked the fans because there is no system that is connected with the 3-pin slot.

Please note that if you have not changed the part and you are suddenly starting to get the message, make sure the fans really works. You do not have to change the settings if you need to replace the fan, so make sure you check the configuration of your motherboard fan to try to isolate the problem. Also, if you change the fan, you can always keep old fan or a new fan or the same size and speed to SYSFAN slot again. If nothing works, or you just do not want to deal with this, then read on.

You can get information from computer troubleshooting forum or website you get in the BIOS and look for “hardware monitor” to go, tell and disable the cause problems for you. The problem is, for most HP computers, the choice was hiding. After months of searching and found the same guide back and forth, I finally found the right answer. I rewrite it to what I think is easier to understand.

There are two ways this will depend on what recovery you are going to send the system.

  1. F10 restore your system, then start the system and press the F11 key when the HP Welcome screen appears. F2 errors can still occur, so keep pressing F11 to keep getting through and lists that start the hardware components.
  2. F11 is your recovery system, and press Ctrl + F10. If for any reason an error is displayed, press F2 again, press Ctrl + F10 again, or press F2, and then press Ctrl + F10 when you switch to the error screen.

A commentator here indicates that he has used both Ctrl key at the same time when you press F10 to enter the BIOS extended page, so if you press either Ctrl key the job will not do.

If this is successful, the so-called hardware monitor option is displayed under the Advanced tab. I have a few pictures of my system’s BIOS to describe the process better, but you could have a tab system arranged in a different order.

And come back to this problem before you do anything here, make sure you disable the setting that gives you problems so that if a bug that says “System Fan Failure!” Then just disable CheckSystem Fan , NOT THE SECOND MISS.

Then, if you have tried the options at the bottom of the screen, press the above steps labeled “Save and Exit”.

Some users work F11 and change to a different Ctrl + F10, so this is just a matter of finding out what key to restore your PC first to a system. The desktop computer is an HP Pavilion. Can finally get rid of getting rid of the message. I would like to thank you who have commented and confirmed the use of Ctrl + 10. If there are others who find other ways to do it, please leave a comment. Also, if possible, add HP desktop series and the name of your motherboard when you know it.┬áThank you for reading this article until the last paragraph, if this article useful you can share to social media Google+, Facebook and others. thanks. – John Sadino –

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