How to Fix 0x8000ffff Error on Windows 7/8/8.1 & 10

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When you have upgraded your computer to Windows 8.1 or to Windows 10, some Windows users receive error 0x8000ffff when they trying to buy or download apps from the Windows store. This error denotes that the computer is not able to communicate properly with the Update or Windows Store Servers.

This error can happen when you create system restore point or soon after doing a system restore and several files fail to be replaced. It can also happen when installing or soon after installing a new application. Besides, this error can come up when update is being installed from Windows Update Center.

There are several causes of this error. They are:

  • Computer system settings which are incorrect.
  • Registry files that are corrupted caused by malware or virus infection.
  • The system drivers that are outdated or damaged.
  • When volume shadow copy service is disabled.

You can fix this kind of error by following the steps of each method below. You can try the first method in advance. If it does not work, you can go on to the next method.

Perform Disk Check

This error can happen because of corrupt or even damaged registry files as mentioned above. So, you can try to run the built-in disk check tool to resolve this error by following the easy steps below.

  1. The first step, click Start.
  2. After that, type in cmd in the Search programs and files box.
  3. Now, open Command Prompt by hitting Ctrl + Shift + Enter and then click OK.
  4. Next, type chkdsk/f/r into the prompt and then followed by hitting Enter.
  5. In the end, type Y in response to the resultant notification. Restart your computer to permit disk check to operate. You have to give the tool time to complete.

Administrative Rights

  1. The first step, click Start.
  2. Then, in the box of Search programs and files, type System Restore.
  3. Now, right click System Restore and then click Run as Administrator.
  4. At last, you have to follow the resultant on screen instructions to the letter and then go back to do what you were doing before you meet this error.

Create New User Account

  1. The first, you have to hit the combination of Win and X keys.
  2. The second, choose Command Prompt (Admin) to open command prompt window.
  3. The third, you have to type  “net user/add (your username) (your password)”, “net localgroup administrators (your username)/add.
  4. Now, restart the computer to see whether the error is gone or not.
  5. In this last stage, open command prompt once again and then type shutdown/l/f in the prompt and then press Enter. The computer must log you off and then restarting.

The three methods above are very simple to do. So, if you meet error code  0x8000ffff again on your PC you can apply the methods above by trying the first method in advance. If the first method is not successful, you can try the next method.

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