How to Clean Windows Registry Entries and Speed Up your PC

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In the computer, Registry is like the database that can store the complex set of files, user preferences, and settings for programs, operating system configuration, hardware devices and more. This one is like DNA for Windows computers with its function to keep record of each task performed on the system such as opening the file or the document, installing and uninstalling the apps, vising the website, and so on.

Apparently, Windows will never remove the registry entries though the program is uninstalled as the most of uninstallers will not be able to remove the registry keys. In this case, the registry will get loaded with the outdated entries that can cause the error and make the computer running slow. In fact, it is better for you to clean the registry to boost the speed of the system, free storage space, increase the startup time, and many more.


This is the steps to delete the registry files on Windows computer. First, you have to click on Start and then type “Run” in the search box. Please run dialog ox appears. The next thing you have to do is to type “regedit” in the text box before hitting the OK button. Please execute “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Program in the Registry Editor. Then, add hyphen symbol before the registry key in the .reg file: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Program\xyz”.

For your information, you are able to delete all other registry files. Cleaning the registry can improve the speed of the system and the performance. It also can free up the space of the disk. However, it can impact the operating system and the other installed apps if the procedure is wrong. Remember to always backup the existing registry before making the changes and take the advice of the experts or suggestion to know how to clean the registry well.

Why does the computer running so slow? The main culprit of the problem can be the malware attack, the running of unwanted programs at the background, “not enough memory” issues, there are a lot of start up programs or apps. Also, browsing many pages or downloading stuff from unsecured sources are all the major reasons of computer running so slow issue.


How to solve the slow computer problem? There is a thing called Remo Optimizer can help you to speed up the computer. How does this thing work? First, it runs a disk defragment. This Remo Optimizer has the normal deep defrag options for fragmented files that harms the speed of the computer and increases the efficiency of the hard drive. Aside from that, it also runs a disk clean up, deletes the temporary files, and stops the unnecessary start ups.

Here are some instant steps to make the computer run faster. First, you have to download the Remo Optimizer. Then, install and launch the app. The next thing you have to do is to tap on the Scan button in order to find the errors and the red flags. After that, please click on the Fix Issues button and the computer will run faster like the new one.

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