How to Buy Bitcoins with PayPal

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How to buy bitcoin with paypal is still not widely known by people. Bitcoin as virtual internet currency is indeed simpe and concise. However, to buy bitcoin still need more knowledge to people, especially for those of you who like to transact in the online world. Paypal for the last 2 years is indeed very beneficial bitcoin. However, to buy bitcoin with paypal is still difficult because there is no reliable place for this. There are many cases chargeback / refuse to those who buy bitcoin with paypal. This should not be too worried because there are already some reliable places to buy this bitcoin.

Buying Bitcoin with Paypal through Virwox
You can buy bitcoin through virwox or The Virtual World Exchange. The trick is as follows.

1. Go / open the official virwox site: Virwox is a place of currency exchange. Here are many currencies you can buy other than bitcoin, eg Lindens, etc. Virwox is an authorized reseller of second life Lindens. In addition, it already has 400,000 registered users.

2. Create Account: After you open virwox there will be a bar that describes in account creation. Once open, click “not registered yet” located on the left side bar to open a new account.

3. Fill in details of personal data: After that, you can fill in the username and email address that is already available. In this case you simply leave “no avatar”, then click “register:

4. Account activated: After click “register” you will get a confirmation email which also comes with your password. In this case, it is advisable to change your password. Then login back to Virwox.

5. Add funds to your account: In this section, click deposit and select paypal express. At this time your transaction will be charged. For that, you must be careful and make sure the deposit fee and withdrawal.

6. Buy SLL with USD: Go to exchange, then USD / SLL on left side. Buy the SLL and redeem it with bitcoins. Once you have SLL in your own account, then go to BTC / SLL and buy bitcoins with your SLL.

7. Sometimes virwox asks for user reviews. If this happens, it usually takes about 6 hours. Pull bitcoins: Choose “pull” on the left side and send bitcoins to your wallet.

In addition to buying bitcoins through Virwox, bitcoin can also be purchased from CEX. IO. The trick is as follows.

  • You can visit CEX.IO website. Then on the website page you can click “register” which is then also equipped with the contents of your full name, password and email. After that, you will receive an email containing the registration confirmation code you have created. Complete your registration by filling in the confirmation code already sent in your email address.
  • After the above steps, then you click on “keep 2 FA disabled” to place 2 authentication factors in your account.
  • After that, you will be in your account at At this point, you can choose what bitcoins you want to buy. Then the amount will you pay with your credit card.
  • After the amount of bitcoin is determined, the next step is
    Fill in the balance / funds in your account to continue the process of purchasing bitcoin. After that step, choose the payment method you want. In this case, you can choose Payment Card (Visa / Mastercard).

Those are some ways you can do if you want to buy bitcoin. So, you do not need more trouble to make this purchase because now there are several places that entrust this. For those of you who actively conduct online transactions, of course this could be one reference for you so you do not feel confusion or trouble anymore. The way above is also very easy to practice because it is included with how to buy bitcoin with paypal with the easiest way.


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