How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs Bites

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The bed bugs suck the blood of the humans or the animals as their only source of nutrition. During their mature stage, they have to feed once in order to mature into adults. Aside from the younger ones, the adult females also need blood to produce the eggs. Even thought this insects bite humans and animals, fortunately, they are not known to transmit the diseases to people.

The question is, how do you know if you have the bed bugs bites? How to identify the bites of the bed bugs? Some of the indications of the infestation of the bed bugs are include the blood spots found on the sheets, the bites, and the existence of the bed bugs feces and the cast skins. Commonly, the bites of the bed bugs are able to be found on the parts of the body that are probably exposed to the bed bugs during the sleep. Those parts of the body are the hands, the neck, the face, the legs, and the arms. In most of the cases, the bites of the bed bugs are often grouped together in the small area. This one might appear in the line or the zigzag pattern. In normal mode, the bites of the bed bugs look like the small and flat. As for the area of the bites, it might be inflamed, itchy, red, or blistered. The reactions of the bed bug bites do not always immediately felt after you are bitten. It might take a few days to start causing the symptoms. It should be remembered that not every single one reacts to the bites of the bed bugs the same way.

How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs Bites

The size of the bed bugs bites are different caused of the different factors. For your information, the bed bugs inject the anti coagulant along with its saliva when they suck humans or animals. This anti coagulant is the important factor of how a person reacts to the bite of the bed bugs and it also determines the size of the bed bugs bite. The size of the bite of the bed bugs are also dissimilar. Another factor that can influence the size of the reaction is the amount of the times someone is bitten.

As stated before, aside from sucking the blood of human, the bed bugs also sucks the animals’ such as pets. Then, how to identify the bites on pets? The bites of the bed bugs on the pets will look much like bites on people. The owner of the pets might blame the mosquito or the flea as the culprit. After feeding, the bed bugs do not stay on pets but return to the save site. The bites on the body of the animal are not the only signs. In fact, the existence of the bug’s feces, cast skins, and the irritation of the animals at the night also can be the indicators of it. it is better for you to inspect the pet’s bedding and regularly take care of the animals.

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