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At the moment we are going to explain you how to fix dns_probe_finished_nxdomain in our browser. Usually this problem appears when we are trying to open website. Have you ever got that problem? Do you know the method how to fix it? If you get that problem, you do not be confused because there are the methods which can you do to fix it. If you still be confused to follow its steps, you can ask the technician to help you.

There are the methods how to fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. Its methods can you see in the text below. Read carefully and we hope you can follow its step correctly.

> The first method is change the DNS Address.

  1. Please right click on Network icon and click “Open Network and Sharing Center”.
  2. Then click “Change adapter settings”.
  3. After that right click on your active Network Connection (WiFi, LAN, Ethernet, etc.) and then click “Properties”.
  4. Please select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and then click “Properties”.
  5. Select “Use the following DNS server addresses”. Then add server addresses. Click OK.

> The second method is using CMD (Command Prompt).

  1. Please open CMD or run CMD as an administrator.
  2. Then run all the command one by one.
  3. After that please restart your PC.
  4. Check your internet connection whether it is working or not.

> The third method is resetting chrome to default.

  1. Please type “chrome://flags/” in the address bar. Then press Enter.
  2. After that click “Reset all to default” button.
  3. Try to restart Google Chrome.

>The fourth method is uninstall website filtering software

The error can occur when you are using any website filtering software. To fix it, you can try uninstalling it. After that you see whether you still get the error or not.

>The fifth method is Disable Antivirus or Firewall.

The problem of connection sometimes it can be cause by antivirus and firewalls. To fix that problem if you use Antivirus or Firewall so you can disable it. Then try to browse the websites which get the error. Afterwards try to reinstall that antivirus or firewall if the error is solved. But if it gets the error again so maybe you have to use the other antivirus or firewall.

>The sixth method is power cycle computer and router.

  1. Please unplug your computer from the power source.
  2. Then leave it for at least five minutes.
  3. Do the same thing to your router as well to make sure any residual charge is released and the memory is cleared.
  4. After that plug them back and check on the websites.

That’s it the methods that can we explain for you to fix your problem. You can choose what the method which the best suit for you. When you feel difficult or be confused to follow its method, you can ask the technician to help you. Actually, there are the tutorial videos which show its method which can make you more understand step by step.

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