Hard Drive Failure: Error Code 2000 0142

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The productivity of your computer will help facilitate your work, they really are a productivity advantage for us, but if they fail, they tend to feel more stupid than a box of stones. Running into a fault code like “Hard Drive Failure: 2000 0142” at least say that there is something suspicious on your computer hard drive, but it gives you a diagnostic hint to fix it. Fortunately, what we do today. If you ever experience this problem on a Dell computer (or old) new, keep reading as we show the right and true method will solve it.

However, “a hard disk error” sounds like something that can not be repaired and scary happens on your PC. But before you send it somewhere to be repaired, there are several steps that you can take to find out the true nature of these troublesome error codes.

One might think that the error code on a Windows PC will be associated with a single connecting features between all the different combinations of different manufacturers – the fact that it runs Windows. And while the operating system has its own error code, sometimes manufacturers also use their own goods. This is especially common with companies like Dell, which sometimes uses a unique and proprietary hardware inside the computer. It helps them to diagnose better problems associated with this hardware. And that’s what happened with the error code 2000 0142. This is unique to Dell’s computer, which explains why it helps to explain is little help for people who experience it.

“The failure of the hard drive”, it is your hard disk irreparably damaged, but could not necessarily mean. When you peek into your PC case, you have to see all the connection cables that connect to the motherboard to connect different pieces of the computer. The same applies to the hard drive, whether you use a desktop or laptop computer. If something is mechanically out of place, it is possible when you correct the error, you will effectively fix the error.

Fault code manufacturer

The only time that you have a 2000-0142 error code will occur on a Dell computer. This does not have to be because Dell produces the component itself – mostly not – but many “innards” in Dell PC according to the company’s specifications. They are all intended for certain computer models, models of laptops and desktops, and that is the reason that a particular error code can be restricted by a single manufacturer of machines.

This error code is not necessarily common, but it is important to recognize that it is associated with the Dell brand. It’s not always support our diagnostic efforts, but it tells you that this is a very good reason to contact the computer manufacturer if we were able to overcome his own mistakes.

In addition, we want to show that no matter what you make or model the hard drive installed in your computer. Since the error code is not required by the hard drive itself, you will still get this message when a hard disk “failed” appears.

Error code 2000 0142: Hard disk error

If you get this error message in your Dell PC, chances are your disk could be damaged irreparably. It is unfortunate circumstances but in some cases there is no solution that would help solve the problem of faulty hardware. In this case, the only thing you can do is install a new hard drive yourself or send it from your computer for repair. However, it does not have to be taken into account all cases, so we will walk you through some possible reasons unrelated to hardware failures that you see from this message.


Overcoming the error code

In the following, we will use troubleshooting steps to solve this problem. The step-by-step goal is to address most of the problems, ensuring that the hard disk can be repaired, or confirming that it needs to be replaced.

First, you will want to check the hard disk connection. This includes opening the computer. First, you should always double check to make sure that you can not guarantee your computer can go out of doing this. While going safely, go to your computer case, and be sure to install the cable that is securely connecting the hard drive to the motherboard. Also make sure that all the mounting screws are fixed, and the hard drive is installed correctly in the box.

Once you are sure that the hard disk is properly installed on your computer, we can perform disk check. If your computer is booting on the desktop.┬áThank you for reading this article until the last paragraph, if this article useful you can share to social media Google+, Facebook and others. thanks. – John Sadino –

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