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Gurtin Fixed Income Management announced that its name change to Gurtin Municipal Bond Management. Bill Gurtin as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer said that its name change will more effectively speaks to the main of their business. It is consistent with its mission to be the nation’s premier firm in managing municipal bond portfolios. Gurtin Municipal Bond Management is an investment management company that committed to make the investors and their advisors feel more comfortable with their investments and financial future. It cooperates with a network of over 100 independent RIAs, family offices, and investment consultants in all the country to protect and grow clients’ wealth of Gurtin Municipal Bond Management surely with a singular focus on municipal investments. As of May 31, 2017, Gurtin Municipal Bond Management reaches about $13.4 billion in assets under management.

Gurtin Fixed Income manages sustainable municipal bond portfolios for high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals nationwide specially. It always strives to always provide the comfort absolutely to clients of Gurtin Municipal Bond Management. The following texts are the history of Gurtin. In 2008, the Gurtin Group at Morgan Stanley reaches about $5.2 billion in AUM. Then in 2010, Gurtin launches the Opportunistic Value, strategy and its first and then private funds. In 2011, Gurtin introduces the Municipal Ladder strategy 25 full-time employees. Afterwards in 2014 Gurtin launches its first mutual funds. Next in 2015, Gurtin unveils the Municipal Intermediate, Value strategy and 50 full-time employees. Then in 2017, AUM reaches $12.0 billion.

Gurtin Municipal Bond Management has the extraordinary team. The team of Gurtin is very dedicated to give the best quality service to every client. They understand that being responsive is important.  The teams of Gurtin Municipal Bond Management always go the extra mile to fulfill the needs of its clients and their advisors. Well, we will know you the team of Gurtin. First, William R.Gurtin, he is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer. Michael E.Johnson, he is Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Risk Officer. D. Alan Trice, he is Head of Advisory Services and Senior Vice President. Nicholas C. Downer, he is Vice President. Nancy Vo Hamada, she is Head of Operations. Patricia L. Newcomb, she is Vice President. Jennifer K. Martin, she is Senior Asociate and many more.

Gurtin Municipal Bond Management is headquartered in Solana Beach exactly in north of Del Mar. Gurtin’s San Diego office offers a West Coast casual work environment walking distances from the ocean uniquely. It combined with the intensity, sophistication, and professionalism of Wall Street. The Solana beach location is very beautiful. The employee of Gurtin Municipal Bond Management of course will feel more comfortable with it. The last we hope the explanation about Gurtin Municipal Bond Management can useful for you. If you want to know more detail about Gurtin Municipal Bond Management, you can visit its official website in Or if you are interested in exploring its services, you can contact them. The contact can you see on its official website.

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