GTA 5: err_gfx_d3d_init

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Everyone loves game, but only few of them can be counted as the big ones. One of the most loved games is called Grand Theft Auto or GTA in short. This game has been a popular series for about two decades. However, it is not as perfect as it seems. Just like any other human’s creations, there are bound to be some errors in GTA, including GTA 5. One of the errors in GTA 5 is called err_gfx_d3d_init.

What is err_gfx_d3d_init? What cause the error? It is considered as the new error and is actually one of the most complicated one. Apparently, this error has something to do with an installation error. Whatever the cause is, it is sure that there are some problems with the file of the game. This kind of error should be fixed soon because when it appears, the game will crash.

Then, how to fix err_gfx_d3d_init? There are two effective solutions that you can try. Those are rebooting and restarting the game and reinstalling the game. however, not all the processes work. If both methods do not work for you, here are some alternatives to fix the error.

The first one is reinstalling Direct X from within the GTA folder. This solution is good for the one who is running the game via DirectX. To do this method, please find the folder with all of the files related to GTA. Then, look for DirectX. After that, delete it and reinstall it.

The second one is checking for updates or calling the customer support. This one is the last option. Please do this method when the first one down not help at all. in this method, you have to remember where you downloaded the game from. Please call the customer support of Rockstar if you got the game from its website. In case you downloaded one from other gaming websites like Steam, then you have to call theirs. Some users tend to call the customer support of Rockstar thinking that they will able to fix the error because it is their game. In fact, the problem itself usually within the file of the game. Basically, it is based off of the specific place where you got the game from. As a note before contacting the customer support is to check the website you got the game if there is an update available. Usually, the updates are designed for the users who are getting the issues with a particular function in the game. if the error still persists when you have checked for updates, then the last effort is to call the customer support.


Remember to tell the customer support about the issue and the solutions you have tried. This way can make you to not to waste your time by hearing the similar instructions from the customer support. The worst scenario of calling the customer support is when they are unable to provide you with the assistance in fixing the error, they might give you a refund if you ever want.

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