Genie Scissor Lift Error Codes

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Error code displayed on the floor control, beginning on page 182 of Genie scissors service and repair manuals, here or on the web site Genius service manuals are available by visiting here. Genie scissors work platforms for service to the local genius dealer through the dealer search. Have you ever wanted a machine will tell you just what is wrong and how to fix it? Even better, what would happen if the user scissor lifts you call by selecting the service to tell you diagnostic information and you can solve it over the phone? Onboard Diagnostic Features Genie scissor plate gives you the comforts of today, and it’s getting better and better. With 272 diagnostic error codes and code 6 operating displays, shearing genius tell you the problem is and where.

Diagnostic error code (DTC)
These codes are generated by the Smart Genie Diagnostic System (GSDS) on-board diagnostics system to indicate that a device or circuit of a malfunction has been detected. There are five types of DTC, investigate the various systems; Hydraulic, battery / power, user interface, sensor / switch, and control. These codes are displayed on the platform control and on the alphanumeric basic control screen (gCon).


Operating Display Code (OIC)
OKI code generated by GSDS to indicate when the operator accidentally puts the scissors out of normal operation. A common example is when the operator pressed the scissors on the uneven surface and try to increase it. Scissors the operator and prevents the raising of the scissors alarming. Lookup platform and the control surface to display the status code and OKI.

This error code is provided in the current genius shearing, and when genius add new technologies and add-on products, such as telematics, CAN buses, and WiFi, this information is available no matter where you are connected to the Internet via the computer is. Or smartphone. Troubleshooting is done quickly and easily means higher availability and higher utilization, resulting in overall cost of ownership better.

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