Fixing Socket Error 10060 In windows – Solved

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Socket error in Windows generally comes up when you are using proxy service to connect to the internet but the browser does not enough time to load the page that you are requesting. In some cases, to fix Socket Error 10060, you just have to refresh the website that do not load or check URL address because mistyped address can be the cause of this error as well. But, in the other cases, refreshing and checking URL can not fix the problem.

Socket error 10060 happens due to proxy service and mail servers in several cases. So, there are some steps that you can do to fix this error.

1. Verifying Web Proxy Connection

To do this method, the first thing that you have to do is to start your computer with administrative rights. Then, open Run app from the Start and type inetcpl.cpl there and click OK. If the Internet Properties window comes up, you have to go to the Connections tab. After that, go to the Lan settings and the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window comes out. In this stage, find the Use a proxy for your Lan box and deselect this option and then click OK. The last, you can try to open the website that you can not open before.

2. Increasing The Time-out Limit for The Loading Websites

Using this method will require you to make modifications in Windows Registry. So, it is recommended for you to backup Registry. The first thing that you have to do after backup the Registry is to open the Registry Editor. You have to go to the Run app from the Start and then type in regedit. Click OK. After that, you have to go to the registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W3Proxy\Parameters. Then, click on RequestTimeoutSecs and then on Modify button. Go to Decimal where you are able to increase the limit of time for loading the internet sites. It is better to set this number to 180 and more. If you have done that, then you have to click OK. If all modifications are applied, you can reboot your computer.


3. Verifying Email Client Settings

When you try to send emails from Microsoft Outlook and then you see Socket Error 10060, you have to confirm your client settings. Follow the steps below.

·         First, you have to start your computer with administrative rights.

·         Second, open Microsoft Outlook.

·         If you are in Outlook, you have to go to Tools and open Accounts.

·         Search for the Mail tab in the Internet Accounts window. If it is opened, you will find the list of accounts. Then, you have to double click on your account.

·         In the Accounts Properties window, choose Servers tab and here you must verify all the details.

If the settings of client are right, it must be a problem with  the authentication process. So, you have to enable that Authentication is enabled. To fix the error, you have to repeat the first four formerly explained steps to open Account Properties window. In the Account Properties, choose Server tab. Then, search for the My server requires authentication box and tick that. At last click OK.

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