Fixing Sims 3 Error Code 12 the right way

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The error code is a particular code which recognizes the error in windows system and will be helpful in finding the solving process on the problem. Talk about error code, in this chance, we are going to discuss about how to fix sims 3 error code 12. This error shows that you do not have much memory to save the game precisely. This error can happen usually due to long play sessions particularly with large families.

There are signs of Sims 3 error code 12.

  1. Your PC is able to stop working suddenly and you must restart your system forcefully.
  2. You deal with corruption of files that have been saved.
  3. Your email ID or password can desync from the game wall.
  4. You are able to be prevented by logging into the game even if you have entered the correct combination.
  5. Character or game textures are able to begin loading mistakenly.
  6. The game can stop all of a sudden or it can redirect you back on the desktop.
  7. You can loose your file that has been saved formerly.
  8. When you change your families or creating your sim mode, the game can take too much loading time or can be failed while loading.

Actually, you can avoid this error. By seeing the signs of error code that have been mentioned above, you can prevent your game from the error code 12. To avoid the error, you have to remember that the system of your computer must have enough space to save your game files. It is better if you save your data at night when all sims are sleeping. You can also save your data before going on any type of adventure. Then, you do not run any program in the background when you are playing this game since they will consume your RAM. Besides, close all types of unimportant programs that are running on your computer. Try to minimize actions like hitting windows key or switching up to your task manager as it will influence your computer processing.


If we all of a sudden deal with sims 3 error code 12 when we are trying to save data, what can we do to fix that?  You can unload the loaded information. Besides, you can change over the game to active families option and try to save your file. If you fail when you are saving your file, you can try to save your data by trying “Save As” option as well and then give your file a new name. Or you can follow the instructions below.

  1. On your desktable, click Computer and right click Disk C to choose Properties.
  2. Click Disk Cleanup and you will see a window of disk cleanup and the process needs several minutes.
  3. Under Disk Cleanup, you will see Files to delete, give a check mark on the files that you do not need to free space of computer and click OK.

Well, now you can fix Sims 3 error code 12. Thank you for reading this article.

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