Fixed: “No Internet Connection” Issue in Windows 7, 8, 10

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No Internet connection? Any computer hardware engineers will quickly find our online services and activities automatically almost blessed. Surfing the web, sending e-mail or even advanced features requires few input from the user. The system we hold in the right place, the basic function of Internet connectivity, the rest. That is, we can do without some knowledge of the technical wizardry behind some online features.

There are many things about this in most cases, there is something to be appreciated for. If something goes wrong, but it could be a problem because we do not know where to start when we want to overcome it. Windows is good enough to inform us if there are problems, most do not. The message “No internet connection” is displayed in a web browser or client appears online, usually with an error code that determines the nature of the problem. The operating system has a built in problem that will make the solution more and more useful as well. Windows 10, in particular, highly qualified in on the part of users required to solve problems with the operating system only a small amount of effort.

  • Common causes

Here are some of the most common causes of this specific problem. They are all things we can help solve, and it is helpful to know how many different things that can contribute to this problem.

  1. Error on the modem or router
  2. Interruptions of the service from your ISP.
  3. Conflict in the driver software for the computer hardware.
  4. DNS Domain Name System lookup error
  5. Local radio interferences.
  6. Windows Update error
  7. Damage to the hardware.

There are a few others, but mostly they are outliers. The above problem is by far more likely to cause specific connection problems. Whether it is a single issue or a combination of the above problems, see the troubleshooting steps below to help you solve it.

  • Overcoming the errors

In the following, we will do a variety of things to solve this problem, can do with easiest starts and end with the most difficult. We delete them with a few suggestions for the best way to contact your ISP if we find that the problem is not with the hardware or software but with their services.

Anyway, if you are constantly paying for a high-speed internet connection, is really expected in your rights as a customer, the ISPs you will find the flaws in the end, so smooth as they are!

  • Turnback computer

It may seem like a child’s play, but this is a good first step. Sometimes restarting the computer will solve the problem completely because the network adapter also allows you to restart and re-connect your online service.

In addition, you want to check for updates to Windows operating system before you reset your computer. In some cases, network problems may be requested by something as simple as your computer must restart and start the OS update installation. Use the Windows Search Bar to search for Windows Update. Verify that your computer requires a reboot.


On the Start menu, select Power, then restart. Leave your computer off, and then reboot. After that, if you can connect to the internet now. If not, then we can continue with the certainty that Windows has installed all required updates, to boot! Thank you for reading this article until the last paragraph, if this article useful you can share to social media Google+, Facebook and others. thanks. – John Sadino –

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