Fixed! Can’t Connect to Camera Error on Android

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If you get the error “Unable to connect camera” is displayed, if it is a problem when you try to access the camera smartphone or your Android tablet. More and more users will not connect these errors to the camera. Not easy to show the cause of the problem. This is probably a software problem or the problem may exist in the hardware. So there is no general solution to this problem.

Starting with the problems encountered: When trying to access Android Camera, you get a blank screen with a camera icon in the middle. After a while, you will receive an error message.  simply use the camera a time after a reboot. After get from the camera application or navigate away and then try again to take some photos, it has not worked. Some people complain that they have a mistake when they try to record 240p video in slow motion.

Improvement of basic level

1. Fix the simplest: Restart

Users have reported that their cameras work after reboot. For some people, start a series of results in the camera work. The first thing you need to do when it is damaged is: to turn it off, and more.

2. Restart in safe mode

Android has the “Safe Mode”, which means that you turn the phone off and restart it, while only providing simple applications and features. This is for troubleshooting because a downloaded application is disabled, and you will be able to determine if there is a conflict between third party applications and systems that have permission to use the camera.

To reboot in safe mode:

  1. Press and hold the Power button until the Shut Down menu appears.
  2. Touch and hold power off option for a few seconds.
  3. Confirm that you want to reboot to safe mode.

When you start in safe mode, access the camera application. Take a few pictures, if possible, and then quit the application. Access again and see if it still works. If this is the camera application is working in safe mode, then you have narrowed the cause to a third-party applications that do not allow you to access other applications on the camera.

3. Remove third-party applications inconsistent

Try removing applications that you have granted access to the camera. This is an application that can take pictures. For example: Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc., which allows you to take photos directly from the application out them and share them. Uninstall those applications one by one and try to access your system camera app.

If the error message can not be connected to the camera seems to disappear and can use the camera with ease, then the problem disappears. Do not forget to switch between video, panorama and other modes during the test.


4. Try third-party camera applications

You can open the app market and find “Camera”. If all of these methods fail, the problem may exist in the hardware. You can send the phone back to the seller if it is still within the warranty period. Otherwise choose a reliable hardware workshop, and they might be able to fix it. If you are not convinced that this is a hardware issue, you can wait for system updates that can happen. Thank you for reading this article until the last paragraph, if this article useful you can share to social media Google+, Facebook and others. thanks. – John Sadino –

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