Fix Xbox One Party Chat Error 0x807a1007

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If you use Party chat on Xbox you may get a random Pop up with Error 0x807a1007 sucks and This error no longer lets you use Party Chat on your Xbox. It may suddenly appear even when you are active with your friends, and this is a bit annoying. There are some friends who have the same experience about it, initially they are confused, what they should do.

There are a few things you need to do about this issue to troubleshoot this Chat Class Code Error 0x807a1007, Without wasting too much time, let’s follow the method to solve this problem correctly. will list the total three ways or methods you need to do one by one to fix this 0x807a1007 Error. After doing each one, just check if it solves the problem for you, otherwise you can skip to the next one.

The first method: you can change your location.

The first method here is to Change the Location of Your Device at this time may be a temporary but frequent repair. Follow the steps below you can practice it as well.

  • Go to settings.
  • Select a system
  • Now Language and Location.
  • Choose New location, For example: if you are in US then choose English.
  • Restart Xbox

Things you do Change the location works repeatedly for the user to fix Party Chat Errors like 0x807a1007. If this does not work for you, skip to the next method.

The second method: You can Turn on Life Saving mode on

It’s Strange Strange but if you want to get rid of Error 0x807a1007 the annoying pop ups then you may have to turn on Energy Saving mode ON, and then you’ll be good to go.

Steps you can take to Activate Energy Saving Mode.

  • Now you can Go to settings.
  • Click Power and Startup
  • Now Power Mode.
  • Then Click Save Energy, and finish

The third method: you can do Factory Reset Your Console.

This is the last method you can do, we will discuss to fix Error Code 0x807a1007. Do this only if the above two methods fail to fix this problem for you. And if you have surrendered with the above two methods.

You can backup your game on an external hard drive, as safe as possible your data can be saved otherwise you have to download it again.
Now. And it takes a long time if you have to download it one by one, of course this will suck.

Once you are ready to Factory Reset Your Console then Just Go to Settings> select All Settings> then choose System> Info and Update Console> Restore Factory Default, and congratulations! Your console made it back to the factory deafult.

You need to Remember this is the last thing you want to do after the previous step fails. But more time then no, you now will not see Error 0x807a1007 Pop up in your Party Chat on your console.

And If you have any other Methods with which you can fix this annoying and annoying Error you can also share with us, and many people who need this information.

Thank you for reading this article to complete, hopefully can help you. If you feel this article is useful, you can share it in social media, Facebook, Google+ and anymore. See you in the next article.

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