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Do you own Xbox? Do you play it frequently? If the answer to the question is yes, then you might know about Xbox error 80072ef3 while trying to sign in to Xbox Live on Xbox 360 gaming console. Actually, this ind of error is not a big deal because it can be fixed quite easily. For those who have the same problem, please read this entire article to find out the way out.

Before fixing the error, how about find out the possible reasons of Xbox error code 80072ef3 first? What makes this error always appear while trying to sign in exactly? There are two possible reasons that cause this error. The first one is because the content on consoles hard drive is corrupted and the second one is because the internet connection is faulty which might be some problem with the net.

Please prepare your note if needed so that you can fix the Xbox live error code 80072ef3 correctly later. There are two simple methods in total that you can try. The first one is restarting the internet. Since it is an Xbox live login error, the possibility of the bad internet connection is there. To reset the internet, you can simply switch it off and switch it on. If the internet is indeed the problem, it might get resolved. You can also try to cross check it with the other device such as your phone. Please make sure that the internet is working properly.

The second one is restarting your Console. If the first method does not work, you can try this basic  one. To do it, you have to turn the controller on and long press the Xbox guide button for about 4 until 5 seconds. Then, select turn off the console and then press the face button. After that, please press the guide button again on the console and it will turn on.

Both restarting the console and restarting the internet are the two ways, the basic ones, to deal with the Xbox live login error. However, both of them are not always effective and might not be the help to get rid the error code 80072ef3.

As the alternative, here is another one for you in order to fix this 80072ef3 error. This method you are going to learn is called clearing system cache. This one is the advanced method to deal with such error. To fix it using this method, you have to go to Settings. Find the System Setting and then Storage and the Storage Devices. In this stage, please press Y and to clear the cache please select yes. This method should clear system cache and also fix the 80072ef3 error. Even it is an advanced one, this method is not complicated at all. It is really simple for you to use.

Are you ready to try to fix this Xbox error? In case those methods mentioned do not work, please look for help from the experts.

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