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The Windows update runs in the background. It works by checking the Windows Update Server and apply the necessary updates. Sometime Windows update not working, it may occur wrong or error because technical problems and software. At the moment we are going to show you the method to fix Windows update error 8024402C. Do you ever get problem error 8024402c on your Windows update? Do you know how to fix it? If you have problem that you get the error code 8024402c please you do not be panic or worry because there are the methods to fix the error code 8024402c on Windows update. Well, the text below is the methods which can you do to fix error code 8024402c. Maybe you can fix it by yourself or you can ask help to the technician if you need to solve your problem or to fix error code 8024402c.

Actually, there are the reasons why can occur Windows update error code 8024402C. It may be caused by a program running on your computer which preventing Windows Update Services (SVCHOST) from accessing the Internet. Those programs that might do this include web accelerators, antispyware software, firewalls, Internet security or antivirus programs and proxy servers. Well we back to explain the method to fix error code 8024402c in the text below.

The first method to fix error code 8024402c is turn off the Security software temporarily and see if the issue persists. See the step below:

  1. Please press “Windows logo+ Q” to open the search box.
  2. Then click “Settings”and type “Action center”, press enter.
  3. After that please click the “Chevron”next to “security”.
  4. The last turn off the Anti-virus installed on the computer.

The text below is the second method to fix error code 8024402c. Try to do it if the first method cannot solve your problem.

  1. Please type “cmd” on the Start screen. Or you can swipe in from the right, then tap or click “Search”. Next please you type “c”.
  2. Please click “cmd” in the search results.
  3. After that at the command prompt, please types the following commands, and press Enter after each command: net start bits, net start wuauserv.

The last method to fix error code 8024402c can you do if your computer is connected directly to the Internet. In this method you can go to set Internet Explorer to automatically detect local area network (LAN) settings so thatWindows update can go online to obtain updates. Please follow the step below.

  1. Please open Internet Explorer.
  2. Then click the Toolsbutton, click Internet Options.
  3. After that please click theConnections tab, and then click “LAN settings.
  4. Please selectthe “Automatically detect settings check box” under Automatic configuration and then click OK.

The methods above can you try to fix error code 8024402c. You can choose what the method you want. We hope the explanation about the methods to fix Windows update the error code 8024402c can useful and really help you to solve your problem.

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