Fix: Windows Update Cannot Currently Check For Updates

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“Windows Update Cannot Currently Check for Updates” is such a common error of Windows that will be faced in Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10. Microsoft often releases the new update with net features and fixes. But, many users of Windows still receive this kind of message because the service is not running and cannot update the system of the Windows, even after having all the requirements and space. The error itself can block the Windows Update from working correctly on the PC.

When the Windows temporary update folder is corrupted or damaged and it does not allow you to update the files of the Windows, you might need to restart your PC. In order to fix this “Windows Update Cannot Currently Check for Updates”, please read this entire article.

The first method to solve the “Windows Update Cannot Currently Check for Updates” is stopping the service of Windows Update. This is one of the manual ways. For your information, there are 3 steps in total as part of manual methods. The first you have to do is simultaneously pressing Windows key + R in order to open the box of Run Command. Please type services.msc inside the box and then press the enter. Next, look for Windows Update service and then right click on it and choose Stop. The process will b go to the next step without closing the services window.

The second step of manually solving the error is deleting or renaming the Windows Update temporary storage folder. To do this solution, you have to open “My Computer” first and navigate to “C:Windows” folder. Then, delete or rename it to SoftwareDistributionOLD folder for the example.

The last step of manually solving this kind of error is starting Windows Update service. In order to do this step, you have to go to the service of the Windows and “Start” the service of the Windows Update. After that, you better try to update Windows again.


The second solution to solve the error beside the manual steps is installing the KB3102810 Standalone Update. First, download and install the security update of KB3102810. Then, please restart the PC and check for updates after the installation. Second, restart your PC. Third, stop the Windows Update Service. Fourth, delete the Software Distribution Folder. In the last step, please restart the PC and then check for the updates. After that, leave the PC for about an hour to find the updates.

The third solution to solve the “Windows Update Cannot Currently Check for Updates” is updating the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver. Just look for it and install the latest version of it in order to get rid of the error. Which method seems easier for you? Try every of it if the first method fails to solve the error. If you face the difficulties on solving “Windows Update Cannot Currently Check for Updates”, you can look for a help from the experts of computer.

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