Fix Windows Defender Error 0x800705B4

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There is an error named error 0x800705B4 among all errors of Windows. This error normally occurs on Windows Computers. The computer will slow down or even crash if it is not fixed. When this error occurs, there will be some messages written on the screen such as “Error 0x800705B4 application failed to initialize” and “There were problems in installing updates”.

There are several causes of error code 0x800705B4. Some of them include the Windows Defender updates, when the system files of the Windows are damaged or the system is corrupt, when the update service in the computer is not configured as the automatic update, the virus or the malware, the faulty registry entries, and so on.

You do not have to worry when you encounter this error 0x800705B4. In this article, you will be given some methods that can solve this kind of error, so please read the entire article and do the instructions well.

The first method is running Windows troubleshooter. Apparently, windows troubleshooter is able to fix most of the problems of the computer. It can identify and fix the problems automatically after it is found. You have to go to Start to run the windows troubleshooter. Then, type “Troubleshooter” on the search box. Next, click on the find and fix problems. After that, please follow the given commands.

The second one is disabling the third party anti virus and malware. To do this method, first, you have to click Start. Second, select Control Panel. Third, click on “uninstall program” under the programs. Fourth, in the list of installed programs, locate and click the program in question, and then click Remove. Fifth, restart the computer. When rebooting is done, the third party anti virus that might be the culprit of this error 0x800705B4 will be removed and the system will be repaired.

The third one is setting the Windows Defender to automatic. In this method, you have to go to Start first. Then, type “Services.msc” in the search box. Afterward, click on services on the program list. The next thing you have to do is to type the administrator password if prompted to do so click continue. After that, double click on Windows Defender. Lastly, select automatic in the startup box.

The fourth one is updating the system. In this method, the steps are simpler and lesser than in the previous ones. First, you have to click on the Start button. Then, select Control Panel. In the next step, you have to go to System and Security and click on Windows Updates. In the last stage, please click check and updates, download, and install the updates.


How is the methods so far? Do you think you can follow the instructions well? Do you think this error 0x800705B4 can be solved by one of them? If no one of the methods given above works, you can try the other alternatives such as running SFC scan for system, performing the system restore, disabling Windows Defender, and using the registry editor.

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