Fix Unknown Install Error 961 in Google Play Store

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It is pretty sure that every user of Android smartphone has Google Play Store in their phones. Google Play Store has been one of the most favorites, aside from Apple Store of course. It is such an innovative and wonderful product used by millions users. However, it does not as perfect as it seems. It has flaws. One of the minus point of it is that the errors can be hard to manage and to understand what is happening. One of the errors is unknown install error 961. What does that error mean?

The unknown install error 961 in Google Play Store appears when you are trying to download or to update an app from the Google Play Store. It can happen with both paid or free apps. It would be no problem when you are trying the free app. But, it is the bad news for you who choose the paid app. in this case, you will be charged even before it starts to download. on the other word, you will be paying the useless thing. Actually, you can get the refund easilywithin 15 minutes of the purchase but still, it must be annoying for you.

This kind of error should be fixed soon because every single user, probably including you, does not want even a single error happens. There are some solutions that might help you on solving this kind of error. Here is the list for you to try.

The first one is refreshing the Google Play Store. This one is considered as the simplest one. you can do the easiest thing which is just refreshing the store. To do this method, you have to go to Device System Settings first. Then, click on Apps > Google Services Framework > Force Stop > Clear Data and Cache Memory. All Google Services Framework Background Data will be stopped by this step. The store also will be back to the normal state. After that, please restart the device so the error can be fixed.

The second way to fix unknown install error 961 in Google Play Store is removing the account of Google. This one will only take a minute. To do this one, you have to go to Settings and then click on Accounts. There, you need to remove all Google Sync Accounts. It can be done by clicking on Google and the on your account. After that, please select the Menu Button and then pick Remove Account. The synced accounts will be removed. The next thing you have to do is to restart the device and then open up the store again. You will be asked for login credentials when you do this. Also, you have to login with the Google account information.


If those methods mentioned above does not help, you can try the third one which is going to recovery mode. Recovery mode will help you to repair or recover a lot of issues. Just try this one as the alternative. Do every instruction well and hope the error can be fixed soon.

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