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When you log on to your computer which is running windows 7, maybe you will get the following error message:trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed. There is the possibility why that problem can occur. The computer account which is incorrect or the password which is not match with the domain can become cause of the trust relationship failed windows 7 occur. By the way if you experience that problem, do you know the methods how to fix the trust relationship failed? If you do not know how to fix it so you do not be panic because there are the methods to fix it and we will explain you its methods so that when you get the error message about the trust relationship failed, you do not be confuse or panic and then you can fix it as soon as. To fix the trust relationship failed, there are the methods which can you do. See the methods in text below and choose what the methods which the best suit for you.

The first method

  1. Please log on to the computer by using a local administrator account.
  2. Afterwards select “Start”. Please press and hold or right click Computer > Properties.
  3. Then please select “Change settings” to the computer name.
  4. After that on the computer name tab, please select “Change”.
  5. Then under the Member of heading, you can select “Workgroup”, type a workgroup name, and then select OK.
  6. If you are asked to restart the computer, so please select OK.
  7. After that on the Computer Name tab, you select “Change” again.
  8. Please select “Domain” under the Member of heading and then please you type the domain name.
  9. Please select OK, and type the credentials of the user who has permissions in the domain.
  10. If you are asked to restart the computer, so please select OK.
  11. Then try to restart the computer.

The second method

  1. Please log on as a local administrator locally.
  2. In the Network tool of control panel please select “Change”.
  3. Then please enter a workgroup name.
  4. Afterwards leave the domain.
  5. The last restart the computer and log on again as a local administrator.

The third method

  1. In server Manager, try to delete the existing computer account.
  2. Then recreate the computer account.
  3. After that please synchronize the domain.
  4. Then on the client rejoin the domain.

The fourth method

  1. Please reset the local administrator password.
  2. After that you can log off as the local administrator to test it.
  3. Then please disjoin the domain or change to a workgroup member.
  4. Afterwards please log in as the local administrator.
  5. Then rejoin the domain.

That’s it the explanation about the method to fix the trust relationship failed. As we said before that you can do what the methods which the best suit for you. If you are still be confuse to follow the method step by step, so you can see the tutorial videos which show its methods.

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