Fix “This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection” in Windows 10

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Do you have Windows 10 installed on your Personal Computer (PC), laptop, tab, and other devices? Windows 10 is the newest system operation created by Microsoft. It has the strict security feature even the the software of additional antivirus. Due to the strict protection, Windows Defender cannot be closed down without the special trick. The enhancement of security by Microsoft can affect to the installation of additional apps.

When Windows Defender detects the insecure installation of apps, Windows will block the installation automatically. It can be such an irritated thing for you  because Windows Defender fails to categorizes a secure app. when this situation happens, it will show you    “This App Has Been Blocked For Your rotection” with the addition “An administrator has blocked you from running this app. For more information related to the error, contact the administrator”.


In some cases, you can avoid this message by running the installation file as Administrator. You just have to right click on the file of installation application you want (usually setup.exe), and then right click and select Run as Administrator. Unluckily, this trick does not always work for all apps. Read this entire article to find out more.

This error happens when you are trying to install software or any setup.exe or some .exe apps on Windows 10. In this case, the publisher appears as a not trusted.  Then, how to fix “This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection” in Windows 10? To fix this kind of thing, please follow the steps carefully. The problem is that the hidden built-in administration account available and that one blocked .exe file to run. First of all, let us enable the account of the hidden administration account. To enable that account, you have to right click on the logo of Windows first. Then, open Command Prompt (Admin). Next, type “net user administrator /active:yes” and press the enter. There, you will get the successful message. Next, sign out and then find the account of “Administrator” which is located on the bottom left. After that, click and sign in on the account of Administrator. Apparently, it takes time to setting up the apps. When it is done, find the software or .exe that you want to install. The error should be gone after that step. The software or .exe also can be use on your account of Administrator. Sign out from the account of Administrator after installing the software. Then, sign in again to the original account. In the next step, please check out the software or app that was installed in the account of “hidden Administrator”. Now, it is your time to make the account of the hidden Administrator disable. Then open Command Prompt (Admin) and type “net user administrator /active:no”.

If you have any difficulties regarding the error and its solution, please get a help from the experts of the computer and its program. Ask them every single thing until your device is fixed.

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