Fix The Server Stumbled with Error 0x801901F7 in Windows 10

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Are you one of the users of Windows? What version of Windows do you use? Every user of Windows might get to see the server stumbled and under that thing shows error code 0x801901F7. This situation happens whenever you try to launch Windows Store.

Some users may think that the error 0x801901F7 is because of the Microsoft Servers. It is no doubt that it will be overloaded. On the other words, this is can be the case. If this ever happens, please stay calm because here you will be given the way to solve this Windows Store error 0x801901F7 in Windows 10 by yourself.

There are three different ways to solve Windows Sore error 0x801901F7 that can help you to get rid of this kind of error in your Windows 10. All of them is divided into two methods, those are basic and advance.

The first method is resetting Windows Store cache. Clearing and resetting the cache can be a help most of the time. Actually, it does not always work but it is the best one to try before moving to the rest ones. Please follow these some steps to reset Windows Store cache. The first thing you have to do is to open up RUN by looking for or pressing “Windows Key+R”. Then, type “wsreset.exe” and hit the enter bottom or click on OK. After that, Windows Store will open up automatically along with a Command Prompt. This thing will reset Windows Store and it will be loading as it should be.

The second method you can try when the first one is failed is deleting Windows Store database file. This file is on your C drive or the drive where the Operating System is installed. To do this method, please follow these instructions. First, navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\DataStore.edb. Second, delete the DataStore.edb file from there. Third, please open Windows Store and check whether you are still got the same error code 0x801901F7. The file of DataSore.edb which deleted will be created automatically when you perform this step which is launching Windows Store. In case you are still getting the same error, please close Windows Store and reboot your computer, laptop, or other devices. After that, please launch Windows Store again.


This last method can be the alternative to fix the server stumbled with error 0x801901F7 in Windows 10 if the two above do not work well. The last one is called tweaking Windows Update Properties. To do this method please open Task Manager by clicking on the task bar and click on Task Manager. Then, jump to Services Tab. Click on Open Services which is at the very bottom of the Window. The new Window will pop up. please scroll down and find “Windows Update”. To open up the Properties, you can double click on Windows Update. After that, select Automatic from starup type dropdown. Please click on Apply, Start, and then OK.

All of methods are worth to try. Follow the instructions well and hope your device will be fixed soon.

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