Fix SysMenu.dll error in Windows

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Windows 7 is one of the easiest systems. A lot of people have installed it on their computer. Are you one of them? This type of Windows really suits everyone, including the new user. Aside from easy to operate, there must be some other reasons of why this type of Windows is loved by many. So, what is yours? Some people think that Windows 7 has a good display. They even claim that it is one of the best ones.

Beside of a lot of advantages of installing Windows 7, there are also some cons. Just like any other systems, this one also tends to be attacked by some errors. Your computer can be heavier than before and the error messages might appear all of sudden. What do you feel if that case happen to you?

If the error happens to your computer, please stay calm and do not worry too much. That kind of error mentioned above can happen because of SysMenu dll error. The SysMenu.dll cannot find the files needed. The most possible thing is because you often install software malware on Mozilla browser. Whether you are aware or not, those software malware can be installed. On the other word, those things can be installed automatically even without your permission. As the result, not only Windows 7 will be heavier than before but also the browser you use will be disturbed. Apparently, that kind of software cannot be installed because how it is supposed to. So, in order to prevent all of them, you have to find the location of the installation then delete it manually. Still, deletion will not help much. In fact, too many deletion manually can affect the operating system performance of Windows 7 indirectly. It can cause the unstable system so that there will be several error messages pop-up.

If you have the same situation above on your computer, once again keep calm. Remember, you do not have to reinstall the new Windows 7, you just have to fix SysMenu.dll error. The first thing you have to do is download the software autoruns. If the download success, please extract the file and then run autoruns.exe. Select Everything tab. After that, please delete the line of the data on yellow color by clicking the right one on the line and click delete. Find all of the yellow ones and delete all of them. For your information, the yellow ones indicate that those files corrupted or does not exist anymore. This is why there is the error of SysMenu.dll.

If you face any difficulties in deletion and then the program restart automatically, please retry the deletion with the same steps of deletion until all of them truly deleted. When you reach the third step, it means that you are done in fixing the error of SysMenu.dll The Specified Module Could not be found. The error will disappear if it is really deleted. Bring your computer to the expert when you really stuck in fixing this kind of thing. Good luck!

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