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Suddenly you can open the Quickbooks company file and get an error message (-6,123.0)? Or it says a message that “Quickbooks tries to access corporate files but can not access the database server” I sucks to understand how you feel because I was in the same situation as I would like to pull data for the exam and suspended, To get the problem out of time I started to help people -the ones through blogs and thus provide those technical support for tackling Quickbooks Quickbooks errors that they can overcome the problem of technology and they can move on. Technical Support Number 1-844-305-6166 Intuit Quickbooks we are always there to help you.

Reasons Error 6123 0 Quickbooks

There are many reasons for the 6123 error code, but our Quickbooks technical support experts say that the main reason is that the current network connection uses Quickbook in multi-user mode. When Quickbook is in multi-user mode, the server database is usually located on a different computer that supports the client computer faster. Most users call is because they are usually turned on to hold the server and it tries to open the 2016 from Quickbook clients or other machines. If so, write your server’s Quickbooks engine that should solve your problem. If this is not the error code 6123 Quickbooks 2016 0 do not fix, please follow the next steps to perform the Quickbooks error code 6123.

Do you have an error 6123 Quickbooks after updating from an older version to a higher version?

Typically, this problem occurs for users who are upgrading to the latest version of Quickbooks 2008. As Quickbooks 2016 has cool features and a great user interface, we can not refuse to renew. In this case, try to restart your machine. It is a server machine and Quickbooks Quickbooks client machine. There is the possibility of Quickbooks servers have changed the IP address, so please check. It is always a best practice Quickbooks database server database server to use and not ipadress from Quickbooks client machine. This will update 6123 errors Quickbooks for errors and bug fixes is especially the case in all desktop versions of Quickbooks almost not at all.

Please follow these steps

  • This step you can make a copy of the QBB File (backup) removable storage unit to the computer desktop.
    Open Quickbooks.
  • Quickbooks from the File menu, select Open or Restore Companies.
  • Go to the local desktop and select the backup file. and Click Open.
    In the Restore Company: a window, go to the local desktop, and click Save.
  • Important: This restore your backup to the local computer, not on a network path. Once the file is successfully repaired, you can then copy the company’s files (.QBW) from the local desktop to the network location you want.


OR do the following two steps.

  1. File> Utilities> Rebuild Data.
  2. Once rebuilt, go to File> Utilities> Check Data.

Or call our technical support quickbooks quickbooks 1-844-307-6166 to get support quickly.

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