Fix: Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed

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You might get one of the error messages when you try to send or to get an email in Outlook 2010 or 2013. Those error messages include “0x8004010F: Outlook data file cannot be eccessed” and “0x8004010F: The operation failed. And object could not be found”. Those errors are two of the profile issues with Outlook apps. Those might occur if the profile of Outlook is corrupted or after the transferring the Outlook PST (Personal Folders File) file to different location on the disk or to another computer.

If you ever get one, do not worry because there are some solutions to solve the problems. Actually, these errors can be fixed by recreating the profile of Outlook and reconfiguring the accounts of the email. To create the new profile of Outlook, you have to use auto account setup to create an IMAP or POP3 email account. As the note, if the server of the email supports IMAP and POP3, the IMAP account will be created by default by the auto account setup. Please do the manual steps to create POP3 account. In case it just supports only a POP3, the auto account setup will create the account of POP3. First, click Start and then click Control Panel. In the dialog box of Mail Setup – Outlook, click Show Profiles. Then, click Add on the General tab which is in the Mail dialog box. Please type a new profile name in the New Profile dialog box before clicking OK. After that, type your email account confirmation in the Add New Account dialog box and then click Next. Lastly, click Finish after the account is successfully configured. As for the steps to manually create an IMAP or POP3 email account is clicking Start for the first stage. Then, click on Control Panel. Click Show Profile in the dialog box of Mail Setup – Outlook. Afterward, please click Add on the dialog box of the General tab.


In the dialog box of New Profile, type the new profile name before clicking it. Please select “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” in the Add New Account dialog box, and then click Next. In the dialog box of Choose Service, pick Internet E-mail, and click on Next. The next step is you have to type the account details in the Internet Email Settings dialog box. After that, click Test Account Settings in order to test the account. Please contact the service provider of your Internet if you are not sure of the correct account details. Choose Existing Outlook Data File and then click Browse. The rest instructions are Open Outlook Data File > select data file > click OK > click Next > click Close in Test Account Settings > click Finish.

The fact is, some of you might own multiple accounts and the thought of recreating the new one seems just too much. As the alternatives, you can try to fix the issue by configuring the new Outlook profile as the default profile and locating the default Outlook data file. Just try one that you want to and hope it will be solved.

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