Fix OccidentAcrident.dll on Startup in Windows 10

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If you are a user of Windows 10 or you are just upgrading to Windows 10, you might experience OccidentAcrident.dll on Startup. This error is very annoying because it will prevent your PC to boot properly. In several cases, errors which are related to .dll files are caused by viruses. But, you do not have worry because this error does not seem to be virus-related but it is caused by an inappropriate Windows 10 upgrade or crash of a certain system files.

How does this error perform signs? When you starts the system, various in-built Windows apps, third party software and drivers are loaded. If some of them fails to load or they are corrupted in some cases, instead of booting your computer, you will receive error like OccidentAcrident.dll.

You come to this site and then you are reading this article to find the methods of fixing this error, right? Yes, you come to the right site to find the answer. Here we are going to give you some methods that you can try to get rid of this error.


  1. Using Autoruns for Windows. Microsoft launched a tool that is known as Autoruns to fix this issue. This tool can help you to disable certain program from loading, therefore you can easily identify what service or program is causing this error while startup. You can download Autoruns for Windows in the official website. Then, extract it and right click on Autoruns file and then click on Run as Administrator. It will show you the list of apps and services that are run when your PC boots. Then, uncheck the third party items one by one and then restart you PC to check whether the error is fixed.

If you are not able to operate your system in normal mood, then you can boot Windows in Safe Mode to do the tricks that we will explain below.

  1. Restore from Recycle bin. Deleting OccidentAcrident.dll file accidently is a possible cause of a missing OccidentAcrident.dll file. So, you can check recycle bin for OccidentAcrident.dll file. If you find it there, you can restore the file and then try to reboot the system.
  2. Run a complete virus/ malware scan. OccidentAcrident.dll error can happen because of virus or malware infection which has corrupted the DLL file on your computer.  So, it is better if you scan your whole computer system with a strong antivirus program so that it can make DLL file free from any types of virus infection.
  3. Do System Restore. If you get this error after you did any change to an important file, then you can restore the system.
  4. Update the system drivers. System drivers that is outdated can be a cause of this error. So, you have to make sure that drivers for hardware devices are updated. If you get the error message when you are trying to play a 3D video game, try to update the drivers for your video card. It is better you use professional System Drivers Updater and update any System Drivers.

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