Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5

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Probably the most of people are familiar with Netflix. Netflix is Internet streaming media which based in US. The subscribers of this service are available to watch videos, movies, TV shows and the similar things on the device which they choose, either pause or keep watching etc. Unfortunately, Netflix often cause the error code NW-2-5. Have you ever got that error code NW-2-5? What do you do to fix Netflix code NW-2-5? Maybe when you get the error code NW-2-5, it is really annoying and disruptive problem. You do not be panic and worry, in this time we will share you the methods how to fix the error code NW-2-5 of Netflix so that when you get the error code NW-2-5 you can fix it as soon as.

Usually the error code NW-2-5 Netflix appears on PS3, PS4, Xbox and any other device. There are the reasons why the error code NW-2-5 Netflix can occur. If you get the error code NW-2-5 Netflix it means that there is a problem with your Internet connection or DNS configuration. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to fix Netflix Error nw-2-5. There are the methods how to fix Netflix error code NW-2-5. The methods can you see in the text below.

  1. Please check with network administrator to make sure that Netflix is not blocked intentionally.
  2. Try other network because if you are use the cellular data network or satellite internet, they have slower connections speed than cable Internet or DSL.
  3. Then you can test the internet connection on your device with the Internet connection or speed-test device.
  4. After that please restart the device.
  5. Please restart your home networks. Then you have to unplug your router and modem. Let it for 20-30 seconds.

After you do all steps above but the error code NW-2-5 still has not been fixed, you have to try passing your router. In other words if you use a wireless router which is connected to the modem, you have to try connect directly to the modem. So you will need an Ethernet cable. Now, the error code NW-2-5 has been fixed. Then you can use the Netflix. To make sure whether the error code NW-2-5 has been solved, here is what you can do:

  1. Please turn off the device which you use.
  2. Then plug the device to the modem directly by using Ethernet cable.
  3. After that unplug modem within 30 seconds.
  4. Please plug modem back.
  5. The last turn on the device and then try to connect again to Netflix.

At the moment, maybe you will know what the cause of the error code nw-2-5 Netflix. If you find the router is cause of the error code nw-2-5 Netflix so you have two options. You can bypass the router or contact the person who is responsible for setting up your home network and make the necessary changes in the configurations for the router and DNS. The last we hope the explanation about the methods to fix the error code NW-2-5 is useful for you.

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