Fix Google Play Error Retrieving Information from Server [RPC S-7 AEC-7] [RPC S-5 AEC-0]

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Google Play is one of the most important apps on everyone’s phone. With this app, a user is able to get other apps form their Android by downloading the app either from free of paid. In fact, everything about Google Play is not as perfect as it seems. Sometimes, the error might occur. One of the error is Google Play error retrieving information from server (RPC s-7 AEC-7) (RPC s-5 AEC-0).

To fix Google Play error retrieving information from server, you have to follow these following instructions. The first step is removing the account of Google. To remove the account of Google, you have to go to Settings > Accounts > Select Google > Remove account/Delete account. With this step, your Google Play Store account will be deleted. You do not have to worry because you are able to set up it again with the same credentials later on.  The second step is clearing caches and data. To do this step, you have to go to Settings > Application Manager > All Tab > Google Play Store > Clear Data and Cache. The cache from the app of Google Play Store will be cleared. Apparently, you can do the same steps mentioned above when you also want to clear the cache from Google Service Framework, Google Play Services, and Download Manager too. After the steps completed, please reboot your phone. the third step is adding the account of Gmail again. After you restarted your phone, it is time for you to add the account of the gmail again which you removed in the Step 1. In order to add the account of Google again, please navigate to Settings > Accounts > Google > Add Account > Enter your Credentials. Then, check whether you are still getting the same error or not. if you have follow the steps well, this kind of error should be gone for good.

If the method to fix the Google Play error retrieving information from server above does not work, you can try this alternative. This method is downloading the apk file for your required app on the PC. The first thing you have to do is to make sure that you have checked “Unknown Sources” box which can be found in Settings > Security. This step will allow you to install the apps from sources other than Google Play Store. As a note, please use only the authority and trusted websites to download while downloading apk files.


In order to find the apk file for your app, please go to Google and look for “yourappname.apk” in Google. For instance, you just have to type “facebook.apk” if you are looking for the app of Facebook. Then, please download the file on your PC. After that step, you have to transfer the file from the PC to mobile using the USB cable. If you have the file explorer, you can use it by navigating the apk file that you just got from PC. In the last part, click on the file and find the option to install. Please tap on it and the app can be installed without any error. Hope the error can be fixed soon!

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