Fix File System Error (-2018375670) in Windows 10

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There is another error in Windows 10 called File System Error (-2018375670). Are you just upgraded your Windows to Windows 10 recently? Do you face any hard time to open any file? If the answers to those questions are yes, then you are in the right place. This is such an issue for the users of Windows 10. In this case, you will get an error that says “Critical Error Start menu Cortana aren’t working. We’ll try to fix it next time you sign in” whenever you try to click on a file.

You might already tried to Sign Out and Sign In again. Unfortunately, it still didn’t work. Before talking about the way to fix the error, let’s talk about what this error ever existed. There are several reasons behind the file system error (-2018375670). Those reasons include the corrupt system file, the outdated or corrupted drivers, the particular service that is running is conflicting with Windows Explorer, and so on.  Can you guess the possible reason that cause this kind of error on your computer?

In a lot of cases, the corrupt system files are the main culprits of file system errors. When you have to deal with this error, please keep calm. Almost every error has the way out. Please take a not if needed because you will given the ways to fix file system error (-2018375670) by yourself without a single help of the expert.

There are three methods to fix file system error (-2018375670) here that will give to you. The first one is restart your PC or Personal Computer. If the issue related to some service confliction, the simple restart might be enough to solve everything. Please restart your PC and check if the error is still there. If the system already rebooted, then skip this first method and just jump to the second one.


The second method of fixing file system error (2018375670) in Windows 10 is boot the PC in the safe mode. Apparently, the feature of safe mode in Windows computer are very helpful. It can be a help for you to know whether any 3rd party program is the cause of trouble for you. This booting process into safe mode will make sure that there is no 3rd party drivers are loaded. While you are using the safe mode, the only things that are loaded are basic files and drivers. To boot the PC in safe mode, there are two ways in total. Those are from settings and from sign in screen. Two of the methods are explained on the official webpage of Microsoft.

The third method is fix the corrupt system files. As stated before, the main suspects in most cases of file system error (-2018375670) i Windows 10 are corrupt system files. So, how to restore of fix the corrupt system files? Firstly, please open Command Prompt as admin. Then, type “chkdsk/f” and hit the enter button. Next, type “Y” and then enter. After that, please reboot the system or type “Shutdown/r” and click enter.

That is it. Now that your PC is fine, you can use your PC again for work or other activities.

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